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    What does it mean when FedEx says "Delivery exception"?

    I have been tracking my laptop as it is shipped and it was on a truck to be delivered today, but no one ever showed up at my house and there was no note on the door. There is supposed to be someone to sign for it. I looked up the tracking and it said "Delivery exception" and that "Customer not available or business closed". It is being sent to the right address, and all my info in right on the website, I don't understand what's going on........help?
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    A "Delivery Exception" means that something happened that will cause FedEx not to deliver the package at the promised time. You should definitely call FedEx or the shipper. Confirm the address again with the shipper, so if they call FedEx, they can give exactly the right information. It's possible they have the wrong address. It's possible the FedEx driver showed up at a time when you weren't there. It's also possible that the FedEx driver forgot your package or otherwise messed up and claimed you weren't home so he wouldn't get in trouble. Sadly, they do that sometimes. Odds are you'll get the package the next day with no problem. If you see the driver, ask him what happened. See if he lies to your face.
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    • You need to call Fedex. They usually do a delivery exception when no one is home because they require a signature. Sometimes though, they pull this as a shenanigan when they didn't have enough time to come by your house.

      by Stephen T - 10 hours ago

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