Can a company not give you a raise?

I have worked for a company for 2 1/2 years as a Manager in Training. Last month I was demoted to an assistant manager. It is not time for raises and I was told that my .50 cent raise was denied. I just wanted to know is it possible for this to happen. I have not gotten a raise in over a year and now I was denied when I have bills and stuff. Please help me to figure this out.

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There is no law obligating your employer to give you a raise. If you are not satisfied with your compensation, you are free to look for another job. That's the joy of the free-market system.

In this economy, employers are taking advantage of employee's relative inability to find other jobs. Sadly, your story isn't surprising.

Do not carry a grudge. It will eat you up inside, and make you a less effective employee. You'll be happier if you are actively looking for a better job while you continue in your current one.

5 years ago

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sure can and many have cut hours and pay in light of the economy. You need to cut your spending

by golferwhoworks - 5 years ago

It is very possible.

by src50 - 5 years ago