Which is better: UPS, USPS, FEDEX or DHL? Why?

These are United States courier companies.

5 years ago - 2 answers

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dhl is dropping all domestic us service after jan. 30, 2009. usps is the best, its convenient, helps our government directly, and is very fast. ups is very over priced, and fedex is the same story. id prefer the post office to all.

5 years ago

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I have had lousy experience with DHL, but that may just be the regional workforce I'm dealing with. They were very reluctant to answer my complaints, and their drivers were lazy and rude. One package I was to receive ended up being shipped to one of their warehouses 3.5 hours from my house, and they expected me to go pick it up.

I've no complaints about UPS or FEDEX.

by Darryl G - 5 years ago