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    what does limited stock mean at walmart.com?

    i want to buy this game and it says by my store, theres a limited stock. what does that mean?
    2 months ago 3 Answers

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    that usually means they have it but for a short amount of time
    a few seconds ago

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    • It means that the item might be in stock at that Store but is not available for purchase. That is because people may have placed an order online for that item and that has depleted the stock quantity in the store and (the ordered quantity is ready to be shipped). When the stock is depleted due to an online order or orders placed, it will be limited to purchase by new customers online until such time that the stock has been physically increased.

      by Cecil D - 8 hours ago

    • It means that the last one will be sold just before you order it.

      by Chuckles - 8 hours ago

    • There aren't many of them in the store.

      by evilattorney - 8 hours ago

    • there is not very much usaly means only one per person

      by roy g - 8 hours ago

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