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    How long does Wal-Mart save their security camera footage for?

    To be specific, I'm in California, but is there a general policy anyone knows about? This isn't as shady as it sounds, I promise! Thanks!
    a few seconds ago 8 Answers

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    Usually 2 years, according to what I read about an incident earlier this year
    a few seconds ago

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    • I think they usually keep it for a long while. Why would they get rid of it. Things may always be needed.

      by Jorge's Wife - a day ago

    • Ask them,but I will say around 5 years,but have heard 2 to 3 years. The Team Lead from 2005/2006 stated that documentation needs to be held around 5 years. I suggest that you apply at Sam's Club or the one in San Fernando and become aware of their policies and guidelines and how they are implemented. You will be amazed and shocked. They are not following the 7 Principles by Sam M Walton affectionately known as Mr. Sam. I suggest that you call Sam's Club 6625 in San Fernando California and ask them to show the Surveillance Video Tape dated Saturday,April 21,2007 around 1 PM. A Tire Battery Center Associate was terminated on the allegations made by his co-associate that he was violently pushed. Monday,April 23,2007 the Club Manager,FJ,and Business Manager,EL, terminated the associate without following PD-57 that favors Sam's Club and not the associate since it does not allow any witnesses against management or the company. Do a Yahoo search: Sam's Club 6625+management Trust your judgement and do not allow even my response to influence to thinking.

      by American Dissenter - a day ago

    • it varies by how old the the camera system that the individual store has( new ones are digital, old ones still use vhs tapes), usually at least 60 days, however if there is an incident they will pull and save the footage forever. Stores in areas with lots of problems (inner city) almost always are digital With lots of camera shots, some with almost 100% coverage, old stores out in the country usually just have a few shots and a lot of empty plastic bubbles in their ceiling.

      by donny d - a day ago

    • This is a little secret I am going to fill you in on. Don't tell. Most of the walmart and target stores are designed to look like they have cameras in their stores, but in all actuality they don't. The big ugly black bubbles you see in the ceiling? They are empty. Like I said, this is at most stores, not all. Usually 2 years though, and in most cases you have to have a court order to view them.

      by andrewjones07 - a day ago

    • Why what did you steal? lol

      by Sapphire - a day ago

    • why did you steal something? even if they do have you on camera. its not like they have your name. So if you think they do have you on camera....chances are your right. I wouldn't go back in there if i were you.

      by haley h - a day ago

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