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    I want to research a company to see if its fraud:corporate mack inc/1200 pitt street /cornawall on k6h 4x5?

    someone please help me research this company in Canada. I keep hearing about all the sweepstakes fraud and I dont want miss free money if this is true...Im looking for more information on this company.
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    OK you need to look at what you wrote: 1. "I keep hearing about all the sweepstakes fraud" 2. "I don't want miss free money" What part of fraud in your question did you miss? - There is no such thing as "free money." - There is an infinite number of sweepstakes scams all over the net. You don't need to look at the company. Anyone can register a company and use it for fraud. You need to analyze the information that has been proposed in the "sweepstake" and determine if it is fraud or not. If you had posted a link I could prob tell you in 10 seconds or less if this is a scam.
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    Other Answers

    • Go to www.RipoffReport.com and do a search. If they are on their site, usually they will give you info on how to get refunds if you've paid for their service and found out they are fraudulent. Also, try Consumer Affairs at www.consumeraffairs.com. Good luck!

      by missvickisue - 3 hours ago

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