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    Is Primerica using Pyramid scheme?

    Their MLM business plan, it seems like a Pyramid scheme...isn't that illegal?
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    Pyramid schemes are illegal, but Primerica is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. Most pyramid schemes don't even last for a year and don't provide any services to the public. In order for a company to be involved in a pyramid scheme, a new recruit would have to pay a fee to join the company and the recruiter would earn commissions off that fee. In Primerica, there is no fee to join the company. There is a state licensing fee, which Primerica pays most of it on your behalf. Licensing has a total cost of around $1000 to $2000, depending on which state you live in. You only have to pay $99 of it. Again, this is the licensing fee that goes to your state, not Primerica or the recruiter. When I joined Primerica, it was $199. That didn't cover for my Series 6 & 63 license (my securities license). Today, the $99 covers both the life license and securities license. Facts about Primerica Financial Services: 1) They been in business since 1977 2) Over 100,000 licensed representatives in the company 3) Over 25,000 Registered Representatives, the largest mutual fund sales force in North America. 4) Has over 6 million clients in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Spain 5) Has over $40 billion in assets under management 6) Placed in force more than $90 billion in life insurance in 2007 7) Pay an average death claim of $2 million per day. 8) The company is worth $7 billion. 9) A member of Citigroup, the world's largest financial service company serving 100 countries.
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    Other Answers

    • a regulated investment company that's backed by a bank isn't a pyramid scheme. Its not MLM, its a unique business that has 31 yr track record no matter what the economy is like.

      by ColdFrosty - 14 hours ago

    • it is just citibank. they just try to get you to just buy there products.It is legal but not very smart. it is not a pyramid scheme

      by leonard s - 14 hours ago

    • It's not a scheme. It's got a product. Like others have stated. When you have that many reps your bound to have some people who aren't the sharpest tool in the shed recommending you some type of insurance you really don't need. There are tests but then again since when is a test enough to stop the less capable from damaging people's life savings. Of course there are good reps and the company is as legit as it comes. But who really wants to be the "insurance guy". If that is the life for you then you can make a killing. I know a couple people in Houston alone that do it full time and make very good money but most won't just for the plain fact that there is so licensing. Seriously, there is no way I would trust some person who just got their license studying from some book. Would you trust someone who doesn't have a financial college degree telling you where to move your 401k? I wouldn't. If the aren't more money savvy than I am there is no way I would do business with them. And that is where the MLM system breaks down for that industry. They have so many associates that are really no qualified to be doing what they do. You just hope their upline has a close leash to what their reps do. Pyramid? no. It's got a product.

      by LawrenceT - 14 hours ago

    • what isn't a pyramid or a pyramid scheme? i have a manager at my job and he has a manager above him and above that manager is another manager... it goes on all the way to the president. what are all these managers doing anyway other than giving me all their crappy work? what the heck is primerica? another country?

      by Jack B - 14 hours ago

    • Primerica, like any other multilevel marketing company is given a skeptical eye by most of the general public. Its perfectly legal, but lack of proper sales training has caused a bad rep for most of them. I recommend that you do your research before joining any mlm. Be careful not to be led on by the fanatics. And if financial success is your goal you shouldn't go to your up-line. Be prepared to put some work into it and don't be afraid of using outside sources to educate yourself on how to be successful. I personally recommend that anybody who is involved in ANY network marketing business or is thinking about becoming involved in one click on the link below to read a free ebook: http://acolyar.the7greatliesofnetworkmarketing.com It will completly change your outlook on mlms. I wish you the best of luck, Amanda

      by Amanda C - 14 hours ago

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