Does your Human Resources department have too much power?

I recently left a company where the new CEO had to wrestle control away from HR and remind them that they were a support department and that they did not contribute to the actual profit of the company. He also had to remind them that he, not they was in charge of the company.

I am now at a relatively new company and as we grow it appears that HR is constantly trying to grab for power and control.

Is this common?

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very very common. The company that I work for is like that. But HR does control the company. They determine if you get a raise and how much and if you get promoted. It doesn't matter how many people put in a good word for you if the lady (that has been here almost 50 yrs.) in hr doesn't like you then you are screwed. I wish it weren't like that. CEO and Presidents need to speak up and take a stand and protect its workers. HR is not the "main man". Like you said they are a support group.

6 years ago

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I feel the same way sometimes.......


by mailaccount63 - 6 years ago

yes...even if you are qualified...if HR does not like the FONT of your resume...youre out!

by Post Jacob - 6 years ago