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    what do stores like kmart, walmart, and target do with the clothes they don't sell in their stores?

    i know department stores send their clothes to discount stores like ross. i'm hoping kmart, walmart, and target send their unsellable clothes to less fortunate countries as charity.
    2 months ago 11 Answers

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    They don't, they probably sell them to other stores. The ones we have here are Hudsons and Dirt Cheap(a branch of Hudsons). Some of the high items that we see in my town are quilts and bed spreads from Macy's starting at 50% off. They don't last long because people usually buy them up so fast, but if they stayed there long enough Dirt Cheap will mark them as low as 90% off. I know dirt cheap gets electronics from target pretty regularly.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I have seen clothes from Target at places like TJ Maxx and Ross as well as at the Goodwill in large quantities which would indicate that Target sold these goods to the other stores for cheap.

      by jcn - 19 hours ago

    • There are actually tax laws that prevent them from doing this. What isn't sold is sold to discount clearance stores. The things that are not sold are destroyed by the loss prevention personnel and marked out of stock.

      by Jelly Bean - 19 hours ago

    • i'm not sure.

      by cal - 19 hours ago

    • it's possible that they might give it to charity. But they would most likely keep it until someone buys it, haha.... those clothes costed money and i doubt that they would want to give away "money"

      by WhaCK - 19 hours ago

    • put them on clearance till they are dirt cheap and ppl buy them

      by Ballerina - 19 hours ago

    • I am pretty sure they don't send them to less fortunate countries. They keep them for a couple of seasons and then one day, when you are walking around the store you will see a clothing rack with some random clothes on it for like $2.00. They sell them later on, at least, that's what my friend who worked at Target told me, and it makes the most sense.

      by Mab - 19 hours ago

    • don't they sell them to stores that'll sell them cheaper like Ross and stuff??

      by Ali - 19 hours ago

    • They either send them back to the manufacturer, or give them to the Goodwill/Thrift store.

      by T - 19 hours ago

    • theres this thing, called clearance, it ussually works for selling clothes that are left over, if not, theyre recycled or something

      by the princess of the world - 19 hours ago

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