What is M/s, written usually before a company name?

M/s Radiant or
M/s Wipro or
M/s Bharat Electronics Ltd.

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M/s is use for company because in law company is a person it has all the right which has a man. Like a person born company also born and as a person died a comapny also died. Compnay has its own identity and have so may rights. So that like we use a man/women mr. mrs, or miss for giving them respect same as we use m/s for company Messrs =Mr.

for more knowledge you should read company law.

6 years ago

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M/s stands short for Messers, meaning trade establishment

by cancerians_are_emperors - 6 years ago

Messers . as we respect some individual one by mr/miss/mrs the same way it used for firms/companies.

by gupta p - 6 years ago

it stands for Messrs.
usually as proprietery of company. literally plural of Mr.

by puneet r - 6 years ago

In India or elsewhere :-
We write M/s. or Messers before a Co. name.

by WBinsider - 6 years ago

M/s... is plural of Mr...

by Harsh...! - 6 years ago

M/s stands for 'Messrs' which is literally plural of Mr. But I don't know why we use it b4 a co. name. Note that while writing a letter to a co., we use 'Dear Sirs' instead of 'Dear Sir'. It's probably a tradition.

by amit - 6 years ago

It stands for Messrs
plural for Mr

by Rainbow - 6 years ago

M/s is a short form of the word Messrs. This is all what I know.

by king - 6 years ago

it stands for messers

by Akash - 6 years ago

m/s is the short form of messers

by Priya S - 6 years ago