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    Fired but had Doctors note.( Walmart )?

    So I was out the first time because my employer failed to pay attention to my back problem, I went to my doctor to get time off for my back to heal. That note was for one day. Then I got Severe Sinitus,Had to take time off from work for that,that was for two days. So I had a total of three days off,but had doctor's notes for the three days. I return to work and get fired,No warning,nothing..? Does Walmart have a right to do this, when they are suppose to follow their own policy when it comes to coaching and terminating?
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    Wallmart is know for not being fair with it's employees. If you called ahead of time to say you were calling out sick and you have a doctor's note, there should have been no problem. This is one of the problems employees face when dealing with no union representation. If you really want to pursue this, I would contact a lawyer. They should be able to tell you w/out charging if you have a case or not. Good luck **Sahara......truer words couldn't be said!! good luck to your friend. My mom works for Sam's club(owned by walmart) and she's having the same problem.
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    • Did you tell them you were taking off? Did you call in and explain? You can't just not show up and expect to keep your job. If you called in and expalined in advance, and if you have a note from your doctor, then you are correct - they should not have fired you.

      by Rick B - 15 hours ago

    • I don't know which state you are in, but in an at-will employment state, you can be terminated for any time for any reason or for no reason at all. Having said that, there are certain circumstances that would violate employment law. If you were fired for your health problems that may or may not be a violation of federal and/or state employment law. It's a tricky thing. You would need to ask the advice of legal counsel.

      by ajherden - 15 hours ago

    • Wal-Mart is a terrible employer. They are not ethical in any way. I have a friend who's been with them 10+ years. They keep changing her schedule in the hopes that she will quit because she's too highly paid now. It's better to go work somewhere else like Target or just about anywhere else would be better. They are the bottom of the barrel.

      by Unsub29 - 15 hours ago

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