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    What is the difference between Secretary and executive secretary?

    Hey, I need to know what's the difference between these two types of secretray, what are the tasks required from both of them? Thx
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    Secretary - The office title refers to a person who performs administrative, or personal tasks for a superior. Executive secretary - A Company Secretary is a senior position in a private company or public organisation. In the United States it is known as a Corporate Secretary. Despite the name, the role is not a clerical or secretarial one in the usual sense. The company secretary ensures that an organisation complies with relevant legislation and regulation, and keeps board members informed of their legal responsibilities. Company Secretaries are the company’s named representative on legal documents, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the company and its directors operate within the law. It is also their responsibility to register and communicate with shareholders, to ensure that dividends are paid and to maintain company records, such as lists of directors and shareholders, and annual accounts. Hope this helps.
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    • Executive secretary in the real sense has a Managerial functions aside from their basic function, they have at least a paygrade equivalent to an Assistant Manager.

      by alecs - 3 hours ago

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