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    Does target provide you with the uniform?

    I was wondering if target provided the uniform to you or do you have to buy it some where?
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    No, for the most part they don't. You can wear any khaki pants as long as they go past your knee and any plain red shirt. Target does sometimes give you a shirt with either a bulls eye on it or the Target dog logo. I was even given a Target sweatshirt.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Unless it's changed in 7 years... No. I doubt it has, I was told to provide my own slacks and red shirt. But seven years is a long time and who knows. If someone else says different... I doubt they will

      by Gary V - 7 hours ago

    • My best friend used to work for target. No they do not provide you with a uniform to wear you have to get the clothes on your own. U dont need to buy a uniform per se. All you need is a red t shirt and khaki pants so if you dont already have those things you just need to go out & buy them.

      by neek - 7 hours ago

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