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    What is the difference between a Limited Liability Company and a Limited Liability Partnership?

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    Limited liability partnerships are entities that shall engage in the practice of public accountancy, the practice of law or the practice of architecture. A limited liability partnership shall have two or more licensed partners. Limited Liability Companies consist of one or more members which may be individuals, partnerships, limited partnerships, trusts, estates, associations, corporations, other limited liability companies or other business entities. The members of a limited liability company are afforded limited liability similar to shareholders of a corporation and have pass-through taxes comparable to a partnership.
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    • Limited Liability Company A limited liability company (LLC) is an unincorporated association having one or more members. The LLC can be managed by managers or members. Managers can be but are not required to be members. It must be stated in the articles of organization if the limited liability company is to be managed by managers. Managers could be compared to the board of directors, and members are like the shareholders of a corporation or limited partners of a limited partnership. In order to be a member of a limited liability company, a contribution such as cash, property, or services rendered must be made. The internal affairs of the LLC are governed by operating agreements that may be oral or written. These operating agreements are comparable to the bylaws of a corporation. The internal affairs are managed by the members, unless the articles of organization specifically state that they shall be managed by one or more managers. A limited liability company must have a registered agent in the state of registration, whose street address is the registered office. When a limited liability company is sued, the legal papers are served on the registered agent. Thus, it is necessary that the registered office have a street address. A registered agent can be an individual or a legal entity. Limited liability companies organized under state statute are “domestic” limited liability companies. Those formed under the laws of other states, but transacting business in the state of registration, are “foreign” limited liability companies. Limited Liability Partnership A limited liability partnership is an association of two or more persons doing business. It is restricted to partnerships that render a professional service and include: Accountants, Architects, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Dentists, Landscape architects, Naturopaths, Nurse practitioners, Psychologists, Physicians, Podiatrists, Radiologic technologists, Real estate appraisers, and other persons providing to the public types of personal services substantially similar that may be lawfully rendered only pursuant to a license, or partnerships that are affiliated with a limited liability partnership and render a complementary service or provide services or facilities to the limited liability partnership. You may want to check with your professional licensing agency or board to be sure they recognize this form of business organization. Limited liability partnerships formed under state statute are “domestic” limited liability partnerships. Limited liability partnerships formed under the laws of other states, but transacting business in the state of registration, are “foreign” limited liability partnerships. Hope this helped

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    • There will be no annual general meeting for its shareholders in a LLC.There will be less administrative paper work and record keeping.Here limited liability means that owners of LLC called'members' are protected from the liability acts.A Limited Liability Partnership has the organisational flexibility of a partnership and is taxed as a patrnership.

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    • The difference between the two kinds of liability is that the limited liability of company is to be paid by a company as a whole while the parnership by the parnership they will divided to each of them .

      by modesta c - 14 hours ago

    • nursey is right, give her the points

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