does ups, fedex, or dhl deliver on sundays?

waiting on a gift 4 my mom that i ordered online

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Sorry... they don't.. unless whichever service was used for your purchase does special deliveries for Mother's Day. I remember getting a delivery from FedEx on Christmas morning. If earlier delivery was promised and it wasn't delivered in time, I believe they reimburse your shipping costs. You should know which service you requested, or which they use. Ups has ground delivery which could take over a week, and one and two-day deliveries.. depends on what was requested and/or offered.

When ordering online, they always tell you how things are shipped or give you the option to choose.

7 years ago

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by Bond - 7 years ago

No one delivers on Sundays unless its like a week before Christmas. I've had 2 packages come to me by USPS on Sunday before.


by Juls - 7 years ago

nope nobody delivers on Sundays -although in *some areas*
the US postal service *Might* deliver on Sunday but only if you send it Express Mail but that's not guarantee to deliver on Sundays (I found this out the hard way)

by mobilemark - 7 years ago