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    What is the difference between - Executive Director, Managing Director, and General Manager?

    What is the difference between - Executive Director, Managing Director, and General Manager? What would their order of power ?
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    Executive Director - This is a Director with a specific portfolio in the general running of the business. The Portfolio could be Finance, Marketing, Personnel or Production. He reports to the Managing Director. Managing Director - This is the Chief Executive of the organization. He executes the Board policies. He is answerable to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. General Manager - This Executive reports to the Managing Director. The execution of policies from the Board through the Managing Director falls on the General Manager.He implements these policies through his Line Managers.
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    • The zero's on their paychecks - haha!

      by PHOEBE - 2 hours ago

    • Executive Director, General Manager, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President are the top people for whom "the buck stops here" in most organizations. Depending on the size of the organization, a Managing Director would either be supervised by one of the above listed people, or be in charge. So the difference is with the size of the organization and who makes the final decisions.

      by Venita Peyton - 2 hours ago

    • Executive is exactly what it is to execute a direction/idea . Managing is to mange the direction of an executed direction/idea. General means to get the rest of the masses to follow and to carry out a executed/direction/idea. Or do you need this in layman's terms? Owner (Executive Director) would tell the Boss ( Managing Director ) he wanted more production from the cows, he didn't care how it got done but wanted more milk! Now the Boss ( Managing Director) would tell the General Manager ( Straw Boss) what the owner wanted ( Executive Director) Then the General Manager ( Straw Boss) would tell the feed men to feed the cows more. Then the milk hands would stroke the cows for more milk with less waist ect... I hope I answered your question. I love answering questions like this. Rather I was right or wrong.

      by lovie12346 - 2 hours ago

    • One Mil$, $500K, and $100K, The upper managements can call themselves all they want to, but what they are paid is the biggest difference. These types of people make me sick, since they often decide on their employees getting health insurance or not, when they fly to the Carribean for a semi annual vacation, paid for by the business. They can move to the Middle East for all I care, but I'm sure the employees there don't arm themselves with staplers, they have machine guns.....

      by kaliroadrager - 2 hours ago

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