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    How do I get solicitors to stop calling? I've asked to be removed from their list, but still get calls.?

    A long time ago, I ordered diets pills online. I get calls and e-mails all the time still although I ask to not be bothered anymore and I ask to be removed from calling lists. I am on the "do not call" registry, and I have turned them in for the e-mails I get to spam cop, but nothing helps! I want these people to stop calling me! Apparantly the original on-line pharmacy (I will never order online again and give a real phone #!) sold my # to others. Any idea on who I can contact to get this to stop or am I doomed?
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    It does take like 60 days for it to start working. They can get fined if they continue but you will have to report them. I have fun when they call. I had one ask if I liked to save money and I told him NO. He was flabbergasted and asked again and I told him "No, I hate saving money, its no fun. Money just gets you into trouble" They get so confused, think your nuts, and never call again. I had one the other day for my daughter (most have got her name from miles account). After asking who was calling I transferred the phone to her. I waiting a few minutes and took the phone back. I asked him if he was done talking to my 3 year old daughter. He told me it was for some 'free or cheap' trip to Florida. I told him as long as I did not have to go it was fine with me that she go for the 2 weeks. Leave them with nothing to say and they stop calling after a while, but in the mean time...have fun.
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    • You can go to the national do not call registry and register your number and cell #. www.donotcall.gov It takes 90 days, I think, before you can file a complaint if they call, but it has definetly stopped any of my calls.

      by Alyson S - a day ago

    • goto donotcall.gov and enter your #, the calls will stop

      by beer_farts - a day ago

    • Get the phone numbers and report them to the Do Not Call people....go to their website and file the report with them.....

      by sirgrumpy1 - a day ago

    • Contact your state Attorney General's office, and give them as much information as you can (when do you get calls, what is the name of the company -- if you don't know, ask when they call). If you are on the do not call list, it is illegal for anyone to call you unless you have previously done business with them before, or if they are a charity or political organization. If you plainly say "Take me off your list" it is illegal for that company to call you again (even if you have done business with them before). Your state Attorney General will fine companies that break telemarketing laws.

      by dandy - a day ago

    • Hello mam.You are not doomed.I know of a way that you can stop the calls.There are devices known as phone blocks.You see,when a telemarketer/solicitor calls,the phone block deletes the incoming call.Saving you time,and mental anguish.You can buy them in electronic stores,and some appliance stores. You may want to look in Conns appliance.Good luck!

      by Smooth Operator - a day ago

    • YOu can tell them verbally and in writing. You also can place yourself on the no call list both federal and state. If they continue to call you, you can report them and they will have to pay hefty fees!

      by Preppy C - a day ago

    • u should ask them for their number so u can call them at home to see if they lke it then say thats how i feel so STOP CALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      by rhapmaster - a day ago

    • Get caller ID and don't answer! Or better yet scream at the top of you lungs when they call. Have fun with it. Talk to them like you're crazy. Make it a challenge to get THEM to hang up on YOU! As for email spam...set up filters to block 'em.

      by GUNNSLINGER - a day ago

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