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    Does the TARGET store offer instant credit approval?

    Not only online but also in-store credit approval for instant use? Does Walmart offer the same?
    a few seconds ago 2 Answers

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    Do not confuse instant with ANYONE can get the card. A credit report is pulled for approval or rejection. At the store you will know instantly which it is or they will need more info thatn you can give then and there.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Both target and walmart offer instant credit approval. If approved, you will get a temporary receipt like piece of paper with your account number and credit limit. If you are approved for a credit card at Target, you will also get a 10% discount for a one time purchase. If for some reason you are not approved immediately, you will be told that your credit application needs more processing and you will get a response in the mail. In this case, you will either get a denial letter and the reason why you were denied. Or in some cases, you will get your credit card in the mail. Be ready when you are ready to apply for a credit card. You need your drivers license, previous addresses where you have lived (last 10 years if possible), SSN. Good Luck.

      by needanid00 - 18 hours ago

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