Anilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer!

Anilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer! image VP dWbFTzPm9cSy 12gJnawPxw6Vsrl3vsGvVT3Z6Za3pREavycc7IgELa7o5OhYNF4blVtTuUVwJDV CcmsKAkTP5hvRxEl8fFxWKeJT IU1fkM0Kv0qA0ptgAnilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer!

Anilú Magloire is a talented scrapbooker, mom, fashion blogger, and proud HelloSociety Pinterest influencer! She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her 10-year-old daughter Natalia and shares that they both have “fallen in love with The Queen City.” She’s originally from Mexico City and spent her teens in Haiti. She went to college in Mexico City and earned a degree in hotel management. Her extended family in Mexico is huge because her mom has 8 brothers and sisters so there’s “never a dull moment!” When she’s not pinning, she can be found baking or scrapbooking her many photographs. Anilú’s eye for beautiful fashion trends, passion for crafts, and love for pinning has earned her over 565K Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I’m not sure of the exact date I started using Pinterest but I know I was there from the very beginning. It was magic! I am a very visual person and being able to catalog all of the images that spoke to me, in one way or another, was amazing. I first learned about Pinterest through a fellow scrapbooker’s blog and now I’m hooked for life.

Why do you like Pinterest?

Being the Type A personality that I am, organizing and categorizing all of the wonders one finds on the internet is like a dream come true. There is no limit to the things you can find on Pinterest and having a place to store and revisit them is amazing.

I remember the days of having huge bookmarking lists on my Mac and wishing I could further organize all of those saved links. Being able to have them all in one place and arranged in as many categories as I want is fabulous!

You have gained over 565K followers! Wow, very impressive! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

Truth is, like many of us influencers, I had no idea I had amassed that following until a friend pointed it out to me. I was in shock! I had never even thought of looking at the follower count. Right after my friend asked about it, I got another message from a different friend letting me know she had seen one of my boards, Gadget Love, featured in The Huffington Post as one of the 27 Most Gorgeous Boards on Pinterest. I was floored!

It all somehow snowballed from there and a few days later I had my first contact with HelloSociety. To say that it changed, and in many ways saved, my life would be a huge understatement. I am lucky enough to be able to make Hello Society a full time job and stay at home to care for my daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 4.

Anilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer! image AeXzvumUKMc2gB2zJziqYMAQFJKtdrJC4LJXkiFJ 1XqCfRNasn bPzniksiNK4Mtfe UHbXUwoSzY4gzu8ZkY1YgME jpU8XHl7oAk6ugtY0vdKJRXpuqX0 gAnilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer!

Anilú’s sunset Instagrams from Charlotte

What do you like about Charlotte? How was it growing up in Mexico City?

I was born in Mexico City and lived there until I was 12 when I started moving around all over the place between Haiti, the US and Mexico. Weird circumstances brought my daughter and to the Queen City and it has quickly turned into a home for us.

Living in Mexico City these last few years has become dangerous in many ways and Natalia’s health was suffering. A change was needed and again, HelloSociety made it possible for us to make the move to a much safer place. My daughter’s condition has been greatly improved by the life we are able to live in the US.

What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

I was very lucky to have chosen a career that allowed me to travel all over Mexico while I was attending University. Part of the curriculum was to travel every semester to one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico. How amazing is that? Then I moved to Haiti, the Pearl of the Caribbean! It is a magical place full of the harshest contrasts on earth. The places I was able to see while living there were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. While in high school, I got to visit Guadeloupe to take my baccalaureate exam.

Even though I have lived on and off for 7 plus years in the US, I have only been to Florida, where my ex husband I and I lived and where Nati was born. I have been to California many, many years ago to visit Disneyland and thanks to HelloCon2013 I realized my dream of seeing New York City, which is without a doubt my favorite place ever.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards to pin onto and why?

Unlike many pinners, I have a relatively small number of boards. I never felt the need for more than I have.

Of course I love all things fashion so Fashion Love is the board with the highest number of pins. Like all of us, I have a dream home in my head that I am determined to one day have and my New Home Love board has nothing but the things I’d love to fill my home with.

I have found some amazing recipes on Pinterest so that’s another favorite board for sure, but I think the ones I am most passionate about and which I have curated very carefully are Photo Love and People Love. There are so many amazing photographs popping up on Pinterest, I love being able to have my very own art gallery!

Anilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer! image m3 AePYEYWkOBZZtVBoEm7gG BwD2erpyqJI59ncEz944zi7DAyxiP9jVRzkUn r8f8J3jMkwUNcKkatqNdgqdhQjLqdJY0CI 1S3styKD2k5VddCBznW846qwAnilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer!

Your Weird-fun-cool love and Animal Kingdom Love boards are so awesome! Tell us more about these boards and why you made them!

Those two were a must have for me. I kept adding animal photographs to my Photo Love board and I realized it had been overrun by them, so Animal Love was born.

Weird Fun Cool Love was born out of the need to keep all the cool-weird-fun things I come across on Pinterest! I had no idea how to categorize them on my other boards but I knew I wanted to keep them handy for sure.

What is your Pinterest aesthetic or style?

I believe my boards are a pretty accurate representation of my style and aesthetic. I pin nothing but things I truly love.

I have always been able to recognize pins from some of my favorite pinners without even seeing who the pin comes from. I wanted that for my boards and I knew I had made it when I started getting follower messages telling me they knew one pin or another was mine as soon as they saw it. That spelled success for me!

Tell us more about your story and being an advocate for JDRF!

I can’t call myself an advocate. I wish I had the time to be even more involved with the best source of hope for a cure for my dear daughter: Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. She was diagnosed when she was 4 and our lives changed forever. Her diagnosis was quite dramatic for us because she was minutes away from a diabetic coma when we took her to the hospital having no idea what was wrong with our baby.

Thankfully, she was in great medical hands and after five days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, we were able to transfer her to a regular hospital room and take her home. I immediately contacted JDRF and we tried to be involved in the annual Walk for the Cure that raises funds for research.

Anilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer! image xB5jvNZpAhWUaxgpI2PkxeQQflYEK8Z5iCSB uEMEt6pjPNM4QQ3ahGEnQP7wBhFGreNaqH5zrne5LwNx7YEfUFOMdK0SpJqcQP7EwrzjESC4s8np1wsf4WADQAnilú Magloire: Loving Mother, Passionate Scrapbooker, & Pinterest Influencer!

Tell us more about your blog, No Shrinking Violet!

My blog has been a chameleon blog through the years. I started it in 2007 prompted by a fellow scrapbooker friend asking me to show my albums somewhere. So No Shrinking Violet was born. It was also a great way to let my family back in Mexico know what we were up to and to show them pictures of Natalia.

For many years, it was all about traditional scrapbooking and then it morphed into digital scrapbooking and my utter love for all of the wonders one can design with Photoshop.

When I became an influencer I abandoned it a bit, I have to admit. Lately I’ve been thinking of giving it a big revamp and focus on fashion with some personal and crafty stuff mixed in.

I have a full redesign planned to reflect my new interests and I hope to have it ready soon, so stay tuned!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

My number one hope is to be able to stay in the US permanently. This is where my daughter and I are happiest and safest, but the most wonderful thing is what living here has done for my daughter’s health.

I really want to start developing a personal brand and focus on fashion blogging. Fashion has always been my one true passion and I want to explore that side further.

Of course none of this would have ever been possible for us without HelloSociety, so I wish on a star that it remains part of our lives for many, many years more!

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