Android, LG and the Promise of Mobile Software

    By Joe Hewitson | Small Business

    Android, LG and the Promise of Mobile Software image and lg partnershipAndroid, LG and the Promise of Mobile Software

    Google’s mobile operating system continues to expand into new areas, as was first seen in the marriage of Android and LG appliances at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. This expansion, of course, comes as no surprise — the OS was built to push past the confines of personal computing and the desktop PC.

    How mobile technology has progressed

    This merging of cutting-edge technology and common, everyday objects serves as an eye-opening indication of how far mobile technology has come and how we’re moving ever closer to complete connectivity. The best way to see where Android and LG can take mobile tech is to look at its present state. New and innovative uses for mobile computing are streaming forth with increasing frequency and, though not always immediately practical, these fresh ideas often give rise to bigger and better notions.

    A peak into the future

    This opportunity for intelligent everyday objects is staggering. Smart appliances born out of the Android and LG Smart Thinq partnership are leading to big ideas like the Android @Home project, which combines appliances and infrastructure with an Android brain. The resulting “smart home” can automate facets of home life such as starting the laundry or setting an alarm, allowing us to interact with our homes from anywhere in surprisingly new ways.

    Forget to turn off the stove or shut the garage door as you hurried off to work? Disaster averted with a few quick taps on your smartphone. Forget that grocery list you keyed into your LG fridge? Not to worry, your phone automatically pulled it over while syncing with your home appliances. These examples only scratch the (stainless steel) surface.

    What started with smartphones has now moved to laptops, TVs, car dashboards, game consoles, watches and even glasses. This expansion will only grow with time as technology becomes more than just a tool that we use, but rather an extension of ourselves. So where to from here? Given the current push for wearable technology, the future could bring us the day’s weather forecast from our Android-powered socks! I’m kidding, of course. Or am I?

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