Al Snow Compares Wrestling In TNA, ECW, WWE

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    Al Snow Compares Wrestling In TNA, ECW, WWE image image43Al Snow Compares Wrestling In TNA, ECW, WWE

    Someone who has seen time in all the big wrestling companies but never achieved top status was Al Snow. Recently, Wrestling 101 interviewed him about how wrestlers can reinvent themselves. Here are a few highlights from that discussion:

    During your first spell in WWE you worked with Jim Cornette and Marty Jannetty, what is it like working with those two guys?

    “I was very honored and lucky to have the opportunity to team with Marty just after him and Shawn Michaels split up. Marty was a very talented performer and it was a great run we had together, unfortunately it came to an end and we moved on.”

    What were some of your highlights from your second run in ECW?

    “Extreme Championship Wrestling was just a place where I found an identity and a character that people could relate too. Everything about ECW, the other wrestlers, the fans, it was just an amazing experience.

    It was in ECW where I began a long term relationship with ‘Head’ and that is what a lot of people remember me for as I took ‘Head’ with me to WWE and even TNA more recently at the tapings in New York.”

    What have you made of the WWE and TNA reincarnations of ECW?

    “ECW worked because it was the right thing at the right time, trying to relive the past, I don’t ever think is a good thing and should remain in the past – there is nothing older than yesterdays news, it is time to move on.”

    How would you compare you time in TNA to your spells in ECW and WWE?

    “The main difference is that I’m now a producer and not a talent, and with that comes different responsibilities. It’s a little different but it is a role I really enjoy and much like when I got to be involved in Tough Enough during my time in WWE I have really enjoyed looking for new talent for TNA and especially during this series of British Bootcamp 2.”

    What have you made of the talent coming and going from TNA over the past year?

    “It’s a necessary thing, you’ve got to cycle and it’s nothing new, it has been happening for as long as wrestling has been around. Wrestlers are not wrestlers, wrestlers are a product – you may love peanut butter but some point in time you get sick of it so you stop eating it. It may take a while but you go back to it and you start eating it again.

    With professional wrestling you can kind of look at wrestlers like peanut butter, they have to go someplace else to be fresh, to be new and they can always come back.”

    Finally, how would you compare your three bosses, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter?

    “They are all your boss, at the end of the day no matter what style of management they use, they are still all your boss. Sometime you like them, other times you don’t, sometimes you hate them, sometimes you love them, it just depends but they are all your boss.”

    He could always been relied upon to offer an honest opinion. Do you agree with Al Snow about wrestlers and products? Miss his antics with Mick Foley?

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