Advice Bytes: Best of the Worst Career Advice

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    For the past few weeks, we have detailed some of the best advice our employee have received on work-life integration, taking risks, networking, respect, passion, and taking control of your career. As with almost everything in this world there is a flip side and with all of the great advice submitted, our employees also detailed the worst bits of career advice they had ever received. One positive of terrible advice is that in hindsight they provide us with some excellent tips around what not to do.

    Check out some insights our employees learned from their worst advice below.

    Tip #1: Don’t show me the money

    While the old adage “money makes the world go round” is very true, one employees advice Advice Bytes: Best of the Worst Career Advice image 272036 l srgb s gl 300x230Advice Bytes: Best of the Worst Career Advicealigns with another adage that “money isn’t the only thing.” That employee was advised to go where the money is and to always keep her eyes open for jobs that will pay more. She realized that “money isn’t what makes you happy. Doing something you love makes you happy.” So find a job that you’re passionate about so it doesn’t even feel like you are actually working. Another employee shared this sentiment writing “At the end of the day, money only helps if you don’t feel satisfied after spending 8 hours in the office.”

    Tip #2: Never settle

    Another reoccurring piece of worst advice that a few of your employees shared was that they were advised (one even by their own mother!) to just take what they could get at the moment and settle in, get comfortable, and don’t attempt to grow or expand. One colleague wrote that “my mom often council me to be glad I had a job rather than encouraging me to lean in, stretch myself and go after that next challenge.”

    One employee was advised to just focus on becoming good at their specific role and to not become a jack-of-all-trades. Don’t settle for the role you are in because this can potentially limit the scope of what you can do, unless you are certain this role still has opportunities for growth and is a position you can see yourself in for the rest of your life. Another employee was advised by a friend to not take a new job when she was sixth months pregnant, but she decided to take a risk and accept the job offer. The job was with SAP and the employee has happily been here now for over seven years!

    Tip #3: Create your own application e-mail address

    One simple piece of career advice that can save from some of the migraine from spam emails is to create a personal email address specifically for your job search. One employee was encouraged by his friend to use his work email address on resume, which resulted in spamming after he posted his resume to Craigslist. So to make sure you do not need to shift through hundreds of unwanted messages even after you finish your job search, create a personal email address just for the application process.

    What did you about the worst career advice your colleagues have shared here? What are some of the worst career advice you have personally received or heard from your colleagues, friends, or family?

    Very soon we will be unveiling the final infographic which will feature nearly 100 best career advice our employees have shared. We hope you can learn a lot from it and can help you develop an amazing career in a fun and engaging way.

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