How to Add Video to Your Social Media Campaign

With hundreds of millions of internet users watching videos on their PC or smart device, it comes as no surprise that marketers look to implement a social media campaign that includes videos. Check out the ways you can have a successful social media campaign utilizing video, one of the most powerful tools available to marketers.

Is your company planning to launch a new product? Try making an event video. This type of video offers visually appealing content that highlights interesting people and places relating to your company’s event. To successfully make an event video:

How to Add Video to Your Social Media Campaign image How to Add Video to Your Social Media Campaign

  • Appoint someone to be the spokesperson for the first minute of the video. More often than not, this person is an executive at the company.
  •  Make sure your video shows a crowd of people at your event. This will show that your company has the ability to create buzz and excitement, and more fans are sure to follow.
  •  Make your video interesting, humorous, and ensure that your video is edited well. If it’s not something you would watch yourself, chances are others won’t want to watch it either.
  •  Be cognizant of the video’s length.  Short videos work best as video viewers have a very short attention span.  A three minute video is a good run-time.  If you must make your video longer, remember to make sure the most important information is at the beginning of the video.
  •  Promote your video on your social media websites and ask your community to provide feedback. You’ll also want to ask your community to share the video with  friend if they found the information useful.

To really engage fans and give them a more personal touch, try making a video testimonial. Often times this can be done by a company’s founder, an employee, or a customer. This video can demonstrate why you do what you do or it can present a personal story. Make sure the video doesn’t drag on and is concise, unique, and to the point. Skincare line Murad is a great example of a brand that successfully uses testimonial videos to engage users on their social media sites.

If you want to really teach your consumers something, creating an instructional video is the way to go.

  • Determine the topic of your instructional video.  If you fully understand your customer profile, then you know the types of information your customers are looking for.
  •  Give the instructions clearly and efficiently. Informational websites such as eHow has successfully utilized videos to build their online presence. They offer instructional how-to videos for everything ranging from how to pick out the best date night outfit to how to cook a meal for two.
  •  Add the video to your social media websites and ask for feedback from your community.

Adding video to your social media campaign doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take the time to develop a video marketing strategy that includes a brain-storming session with your co-workers or colleagues.  This meeting-of-the-minds is meant to help you establish a list of video content ideas.  With the right tools and a lot of patience, you’ll be able to successfully implement video marketing into your social media strategy.

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