Ad platform continuously revives display campaigns with bespoke designs


Display advertising has long been a core method for targeting web users, but it takes time for teams to develop new campaigns, and test them when success rates begin to fall. Dispop is a new advertising platform that continuously tracks the performance of clients’ campaigns and injects custom designs to refresh those on the decline.

Alongside digital techniques such as demographic and location targeting, and the retargeting of those who fail to complete product orders, Dispop also tracks how well the ads are doing. If campaigns start to deteriorate and it’s the result of creative fatigue, clients are notified and the startup’s team of designers come up with new bespoke designs within 24 hours. The ads are automatically repopulated with the fresh ads, enabling campaigns to constantly look new and engage customers. This process continues for as long as the client wishes.

Dispop comes from a background of innovating and the new system was chosen over its previous model, which enabled clients to crowdsource new designs for their campaigns. Are there other ways advertisers can automatically keep their campaigns up-to-date?


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