8 Tips For Optimizing YouTube For Social Media Success

    By Angela Hausman, PhD | Small Business

    YouTube is definitely the world leader in video sharing, with an unbelievable 72 HOURS of content uploaded every MINUTE. Vimeo is the next closest contender in the video sharing space, but it’s a smaller site more often used by filmmakers to share ideas than businesses using video as an anchor to their social media success. That’s because the world is more visual now that technology allows for streaming video and fast download speeds.

    YouTube’s new format/ layout allows businesses improved opportunities for branding. So let’s take a tour around YouTube and learn how YouTube creates social media success.

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    Tip #1: Branding your URL

    Grab your branded URL, even if you’re not ready to start uploading videos yet. Just like other social media platforms, once a brand name is gone, it’s gone. Mine is called MarketingLetter — just like my blog, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Stick with a brand name that’s easy to remember, pronounce, and fits your marketing goals.

    Tip #2: YouTube channel art

    Similar to changes Google made with other networks, such as Google+, YouTube now features a cover for your business channel. Remember — KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Don’t make it crowded and avoid over-promotion. Let your content speak for itself.

    Take a look at my cover art. Simple. My logos for both Hausman and Associates and Hausman Marketing Letter, along with my tagline (which is EVERYWHERE), and my URL.

    Be VERY careful and check your results carefully on several different devices. YouTube allows for an image that’s 2560 X 1440, but an image that size will only look right on a TV screen. On a computer or mobile device, it’ll look like crap. And the ability to crop the image in a way that makes it appealing is VERY limited. Play with it — keeping the actual image centered within the allowed space and only taking up about 1/5 of the available space. Mine uses 120 pt font to make it fit reasonably onto a mobile device. Record your colors and use them everywhere to enhance your branding efforts.

    Tip #3: YouTube channel description

    Your YouTube channel description should use your keywords within the first sentence and throughout the description. This will help future subscribers find your channel. Include basic information about the channel content, a posting schedule (something do-able), and why visitors should subscribe to your channel.

    Tip #4: Brand videos

    Each video you upload to your channel should include branding before and after the content — called a donut. Add some music (be careful to have permission). Animation makes your donut look more professional. At the end of the video, add contact information and a call to action to increase conversion. Don’t expect people will KNOW what you want them to do.

    Tip#5: Consistency

    Uploading videos on a consistent basis is really important to gaining subscribers. Tell visitors about your publication schedule in your description, then stick to your schedule. Posting too infrequently or off-schedule will reduce your social media success from YouTube.

    Tip #6: Be yourself

    Folks think their YouTube video has to look like something from a major studio. That may be true if you’re positioning your channel as a professional video channel and trying to break into the movie business. But, if you’re just trying to build your business with video, you don’t need to look like a feature film.

    Giving visitors something of value is so much more important than having professional video quality. Find great topics for videos using Google Alerts and other tools to see what’s trending? — what are folks searching for? — where are their pain points?

    Tip #7: Get your community involved

    As with all social media platforms, getting community engagement is critical for your social media success on YouTube. Community engagement will bring more visitors and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. Encourage comments and sharing by asking questions in the video and putting sharing in your call to action. Be a little controversial and you’ll increase comments, just be careful when you create controversy that it doesn’t make you look uninformed.

    Depending on your brand, you might encourage your community to upload their own content to your YouTube channel. That really increases engagement.

    Tip #8: Analytics

    Youtube provides analytics, just like most social media platforms. Be sure to regularly track your performance to ensure continued success with your YouTube strategy. What’s working and what isn’t? What drives visitors to your channel? What encourages them to become subscribers?

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