8 Reputation Management Tools Worth Checking Out

8 Reputation Management Tools Worth Checking Out  image Gossip8 Reputation Management Tools Worth Checking Out Your brand’s success relies heavily on how the brand is perceived by its target market.  Having a good reputation will help your brand retain its current clients and it will assist in obtaining new ones.  A tainted reputation will have the opposite effect.

It’s important to monitor your brand’s mentions in the online space.  You need to know, at all times, what’s being said about your brand – especially by those considered strong influencers.  Being in-the-know allows you to employ corrective measures immediately.  So how do keep track of mentions in such a vast space as the internet?

These online tools will allow you to monitor your brand’s reputation on the various social networking platforms.

  1. Tweet Beep  gives hourly updates of mentions of your brand on Twitter and searches for tweets that are linked to your webpage or blog.  TweetBeep also searches for mentions of your blog and any replies to your Twitter handle.
  2. Trackur  allows  you to  see what other people are seeing when they search for you in Google. You’ll also see what other see when they land on your social network page.  This tool lets you know if the people who are talking about you are social media influencers.
  3. Kurrently employs a search engine format  that allows you to check real-time brand mentions. However, it does not email you alerts; you have to be on the site to view results.
  4. Social Mention  gives you data from just about from every source that has mentioned your brand and then ranks them as neutral, negative or positive.  Social Mention is a must-have tool.
  5. BrandsEye  is a robust reputation management tool. In addition to providing the basics of reputation management, it also provides the user with competitive analysis.
  6. Monitor This  tracks mentions of your brand over 20 search engines and displays results in its feed reader.
  7. Brandwatch  is one of the most popular tools marketers use to manage their online reputation. It’s best used for social media management and is a great keyword monitoring tool.
  8. Whos Talking  is a lot like SocialMention.  It alerts you when your brand is mentioned. You can monitor mentions on almost all the social networks.  The downside:  you can only view one type of mention (video, picture) at a time..

Other effective online tools that can be used are: TweetReport,  AgencyPlatform,  Yasni and TalkWalker.  No matter which tool you employ ensure that it suits your needs and covers all the possible areas where you brand name may emerge.

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