7 Killer Tips to Increase Sales in Restaurants

    By Zsolt Bicskey | Small Business

    7 Killer Tips to Increase Sales in Restaurants image Increase Sales in Restaurants 300x2027 Killer Tips to Increase Sales in RestaurantsHow is possible for restaurateurs to increase their sales, in this digital age? Here’s a clue: Research suggests that, prior to dining out, an astonishing 89 percent of all consumers will head to the Internet to do some research—using Google or Bing to locate restaurant websites, reviews, and online menus. To increase sales in restaurants, then, it is essential for restaurant owners to optimize their online presence. Below, we have offered seven essential tips for those looking to increase sales in restaurants.

    Get Listed in Local Directories

    If you want to add some serious juice to your website—to make sure it shows up when patrons search for local eating establishments—then getting listed in local directories is essential. The reason this is so important is that the search engines, especially Google, put a great deal of clout on these reputable and respectable local business directories—so if there’s a link to your website in one of those directories, it will improve your site’s local search rankings. Note that getting listed in local directories is easy when you use an all-in-one tool like

    Optimize Your Google Places Profile

    It goes without saying that, if you want to boost your restaurant’s standing in Google, you need to sign up for a Google Places profile. This is how Google classifies and highlights local businesses. Simply signing up for a profile is not enough, however; also make sure that you optimize it by filling out all of the information fields, even using some keywords related to the type of food you serve.

    Get a Foursquare Listing

    Another way to increase sales in restaurants: Get listed on Foursquare. When Foursquare first started, it was known primarily for allowing consumers to “check in” at various local venues, and it was almost like a game. These days, Foursquare is serious business, as it is increasingly distinguishing itself as a key local search tool, even directly competing with In other words, Foursquare is where many patrons turn when they want to find a good local eating establishment, so it’s paramount that your restaurant is there to be found!

    Ask for Facebook Check-Ins

    Facebook check-ins are not frivolous; they are what fuel restaurant listings to success in Facebook Graph Search. If somebody uses Facebook to seek out a local restaurant, and your restaurant has a lot of check-ins from local clients, it is sure to emerge as one of the top contenders. Ask for check-ins, then; some restaurants even offer free appetizers or small discounts for the first check-ins of the day.

    Solicit Good Reviews

    Online review sites, like UrbanSpoon or, are going to be important sources of information about your restaurant, as more and more consumers are using these sites to research local establishments. There is little that you can do to altogether prevent bad reviews, outside of simply focusing on offering quality food and service, but you can proactively build up your positive reviews. Ask your best, most faithful clients to help you out with positive feedback, or leave links to your profile in receipts or on menus.

    Try Some Video Marketing

    Restaurant owners have generally been reluctant to really jump into video marketing, but the truth is that this is an invaluable form of outreach to potential patrons. Just think about all of the ways in which you can use online videos to entice potential patrons: You can show off your best dishes, you could interview your chef, you could even provide some video cooking tutorials. Video is an excellent platform for restaurant owners, and a fine tool to increase sales in restaurants.

    Nurture Leads

    Finally, those looking to increase sales in restaurants should note that the same sales-boosting techniques that work for other small businesses generally translate quite well to the restaurant industry—and that includes lead nurturing. Ask for the e-mail addresses of your patrons, and then use those addresses to nurture your leads. Send reminders, discounts, special offers, news about big events, invitations to find you on Facebook or Google+, and so on.

    The bottom line for those seeking to increase sales in restaurants is that digital marketing can absolutely be used to put patrons into seats—and to build a restaurant’s online clout and visibility.

    To make sure you do the right thing when you try to increase sales in your restaurant schedule a free consultation session with one of our specialist!

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