6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website!

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website! image spring cleaning16 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website!

It’s that time of year again…spring cleaning. It’s boring, tedious, but it is an unavoidable task on our to-do list! One of the biggest reasons to spring clean is get rid of clutter that you don’t need, and spruce other things up.

Spring cleaning can happen anywhere, even to your website. Simple, old news, outdated information and images don’t grab a visitor’s attention or build trust. Content that may have created awareness in the fall/winter will not have the same effect now. People like fresh content they can turn to.

Below are 6 items to tackle on your Website Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Out With the Old, In With the New

Have you reached a ‘plateau’ with your website visitors? Time to freshen things up with new and interesting content! For instance, if you have content on your website promoting workshops/events that have already taken place, take it down. There is nothing more frustrating than coming to a website that doesn’t display current information.

Heard of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” If your site’s homepage is displaying stale information, chances are people will leave your site pretty fast (increase in bounce rates). The important thing is to keep updating content on a regular basis, so your users keep coming back for more. If your website is a few years old and hasn’t kept up with a changing market, it will basically be targeting the wrong clientele and not attract the attention of your desired target market.

Stale CTAs

Just like updating your website content, CTAs needs to be updated as well. If you have been offering the same eBook for six months and have had no new leads – that CTA should be redesigned and mention new enticing points or new offers should be created.

Your CTAs should lead to landing pages where you collect your visitors’ contact information in exchange for an offer that will benefit them. Effective CTAs result in more leads and conversions for you! However, CTAs need to be carefully designed to make sure people will click. Images are helpful, but the words you choose are key to determine whether a visitor will click or not. You also need to communicate the benefits of responding. What will the user get out of completing the CTA? Some key points when creating CTAs is to use action words (verbs), include numbers, keep it brief, and use practical language. For more information on CTAs, check out Lydia’s blog on 4 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Calls-To-Action.

Be a Social Butterfly

How is visitor engagement on your social networks? Is your audience interacting with your brand by commenting/liking your posts? If not, it might be wise to take a look at the type of content you typically post. Is it purely self-promotional? If so, that’s a big no-no! Post content daily and use various videos, pictures and outside news articles. You should also create content that encourages followers to engage with your brand by asking questions and moderating conversations.

If you have been posting content daily, for quite some time, it is OK to reuse old content. If you had content that resonates well with users, re-share or re-post some of it on your business Facebook or Twitter pages! If someone missed that post in the past, they now have a chance to read it again. If you don’t have time to post updates on Twitter every day, check out How to Schedule Bulk Messaging in Hootsuite.

For easy sharing, use icons on your website’s content pages to help them quickly “like,” “follow,” and “connect” with your brand on social networks.

Whatsup Blawg? 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website! image blog6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website!

What better way to hop into spring, than with a blog? If you have not started one, now is the perfect time to do so. The truth is, there is no better content generation than having a blog on your website. A blog is an excellent way to highlight your specialties and showcase your expertise in your industry. Blogging is a great way to get more traffic and leads, but it’s also an excellent way to convert those leads into customers. Having valuable and relevant information establishes your brand and worth to prospects. A CTA within your blog posts encourages readers to interact with your brand and nurture client relationships. Asking them to follow you in social media is a great way to leverage your blog and get more visitors. It’s all interconnected!

If your website is not frequently updated you are missing a huge opportunity. Both your visitors and Google like fresh updated content. Adding a blog to your website with relevant information will attract more traffic and will help your visitors see you as an industry leader. For more information on blogging, check out these Top 10 Blog Writing Best Practices.


For many businesses, SEO is put on the backburner. However, considering the relevance of SEO, it makes sense to redesign the content aspect of your website to include relevant keywords that will attract more traffic. An important aspect to keep in mind is that you will not get proven SEO results in a day. It’s a long-term process that requires constant monitoring and efforts to get the desired results of increased search engine presence and improved quality of site traffic. For more SEO tips, check out Search Engine Optimization is NOT a One-Time Thing.

Where are you Browsin’? 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website! image browsers6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website!

When your website was created, did you ensure that regardless of the browser used, users will see the exact same thing?  For instance, does your website display on Chrome as well as Internet Explorer or Safari? Websites view differently on different browsers. This is known as cross-browser compatibility, which is always a challenge.  If you have not done so already, check your website on different browsers to ensure everything appears as they are suppose to.

What measures will you take this spring to ensure your website is up to date?

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