6 Essential Mobile Optimisation Tactics for Tours & Activities

6 Essential Mobile Optimisation Tactics for Tours & Activities image mobile website for tours and activities6 Essential Mobile Optimisation Tactics for Tours & Activities

In the digital world, the way that people consume information and make purchases is changing every day. Travelers today will book the majority of their reservations for tours and excursions online, and many of those will make those reservations on a mobile device. Mobile reservations aren’t the way of the future — they are the way of today.

In fact, according to a report by VFM Leonardo, the number of people who make tour and activity reservations on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smart phone is on the rise:

  • In 2011, about 11 percent of people used their mobile device to inquire about a tour on their next vacation. By 2012, that number rose to 19 percent.
  • 36 million Americans using their mobile devices to research vacation options and another 16 million making the reservations on their mobile device.

That’s why it’s so important for tour and activity operators to incorporate these tactics into their website:

#1 Make your mobile website visually appealing.

Tablets and smart phones are designed to give the end-user an excellent visual experience. Make sure that your mobile site includes high-resolution photographs and interesting videos to help keep the customer interested in what you have to offer.

On smart phones, speed is a priority. More than 60 percent of United States users want a smart phone site to load and work properly within 4 seconds or less. Tablet users are more leisurely, and want to enjoy video content on the mobile site.

#2 Keep it simple, and make sure it is easy to complete the reservation.

The most prominent item on the screen should be the “Book Now” button, whether you are designing a mobile app or a mobile site for a tablet. The customer will want to be able to quickly and easily make the transaction and reservation.

Users who are going to book on a mobile device are ready to make their purchase — their decision has already been made. Make it easy for them to create a reservation with your company.

#3 The size of the device should always be a priority when designing your site.

Remember the interface that the user will be using, and keep in mind the size of the user’s screen. For your mobile site on a smart phone, keep it as clean and simple as possible. Users are dealing with a four-inch or smaller screen, and won’t want to deal with a cumbersome site.

Add larger visuals, more options and extra buttons to your tablet mobile site to help enhance the experience for the tablet user, who is more likely to spend more money with your company.

#4 Ensure that the mobile site is linked to your social networking pages.

Smart phone users are more likely to connect on social networks while on the go. When designing the site for a smart phone device, make it social-media friendly. After people have made a reservation with your company, allow them to quickly connect to Facebook to share this news with their friends.

Tablet users are comfort-users, and probably have more time to tinker with your site. Allow them the opportunity to create a quick review that can be posted to a testimonial page.

When you make social networking easy and convenient for the mobile user, your will reap the benefits of having your customers do your marketing for you.

#5 Make your mobile app or mobile site a one-stop-shop for your customers.

Take advantage of the opportunities that the mobile platform presents you with as a tour and activity operator. They should be able to tap your phone number to make a call, click a link to send you an e-mail or easily connect with a map to help them get to your location. Turn the customer’s mobile device into their ticket for your activity or tour.

#6 Give special offers to people who use their mobile devices to make reservations with your company.

Promotional items such as a free snack, drink ticket or complimentary parking will reward users for taking advantage of your mobile site.

This will help aid to your already favorable reputation as a tour and activity operator in the area.

Mobile isn’t a maybe, it’s a MUST!

It is essential to master the mobile platform and to provide your customers with a user-friendly site. Travel agencies, tour operators and activities managers need to know that nearly 50 percent of people who perform a travel-related search on their mobile device will end up making a reservation.

This is a huge market of people that can have a big impact on your business. These are the people that you want to reach out to, and the customers that you want to have. You want to have the reputation of being a mobile-friendly company.

People in today’s global world are just squeezing in their vacation time, so you will want to make booking tours, activities and excursions with your company as convenient and easy as possible. This means you have to be available on the go.

Make sure that your booking system is optimised for mobile. Rezdy certainly is!

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