5 Traits to Avoid in a Boss

    By Marc Miller | Small Business

    You Say You Hate Your Boss!

    5 Traits to Avoid in a Boss image Boss5 Traits to Avoid in a BossHow the heck did you get into this position, and what are you going to do so it does not happen again?

    The number 1 reason people change jobs is —- the boss!

    It seems that, in this recession, the worst behavior has become more common by managers. We have articles like:

    Then, there was the movie “Horrible Bosses” which explores three horrible bosses.

    Why do you hate your boss?

    I want you to get real clear on what your manager does to make your life miserable.

    Let’s discuss 5 traits in managers that cause employees to leave their jobs.

    1. Micro-Manager

    One common theme I am finding with my clients who are very experienced professionals is they want a manager to support them, but to get the heck out of their way so that they can get the job done. Does your manager get in your way by micro-managing when you are trying to accomplish your mission?

    2. Wimp

    Does he or she just keep dumping work on you that comes from above. Usually, this means you are over-worked and that they are a wimp. Do you have too much on your plate at work?

    3. Upwardly Focused

    Does your manager focus on looking good for his boss, but does nothing to encourage career advancement for the team? Does your current boss care about your career?

    4. Abusive

    Does your manager take advantage of people by verbally or emotional abusing them? Do your co-workers behave differently when your boss is around?

    5. Black Hole

    Does your manager behave like a black hole. Information goes in and nothing comes back. Is the dialog with your boss one way?

    What is it that makes your boss so bad to work for? Why do you hate your boss?

    You should be able to come up with a short list. Take the time to write it down, but put it someplace where no one will find it!

    When you took the job or when you were assigned your current boss, what were the initial signs that you might hate your boss? What signs did you miss or, more importantly, ignore?

    If you interviewed with your boss, did you properly investigate him or her? What questions could you have asked during the interview to the boss or your peers to detect these traits?

    Why am I asking all of these questions?

    If you do not determine how and what went wrong, then you are likely make the same mistake again and again and again and …….

    This is part of step 1 in the Cure for Career Insanity.

    Step 1 – Defining the Problem: What are you running away from in your current position or role? Is it the boss? If it is your boss, what about him causes you to want to run away? Is it the work environment? What about the work environment? What is it that you want to leave?

    Does this sound interesting? Are you suffering from Career Insanity?

    I will be blogging on these five steps for the Cure for Career Insanity over the next few months. I plan to launch the Cure for Career Insanity Webinar series in May. This will be a very affordable (under $25) five part webinar series which will be recorded and offered as an online course. If you are interested in learning more please register to receive updates!

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