5 Tips For Finding and Developing A Profitable Niche Website

If you’re looking for a niche to enter and you’re getting stuck into keyword research, then there are a few things you may want to consider. Here are a few lesson’s I’ve learnt (often the hard way). 

1. Make sure you search through topics you’re actually interested in.

This holds true especially if you’re doing this for the first time. I’ve made the mistake before of finding a profitable niche and diving straight in. The biggest stumbling block was that I wasn’t that interested in the subject. My motivation to develop the website and content was low and things took a lot longer to get going. Subsequently, I’ve always gone with topics I’m really enthusiastic about. My productivity has been remarkably better.

2. Phrase to broad match ratio

This is the ratio of how often your exact keyword is in the search results and is a great indicator of the quality of traffic you’ll get for the keyword. Just because someone searches “business opportunities in Africa” doesn’t mean that each result will have “business opportunities in Africa” in it.

3. Check your keyword isn’t associated with something else

This can be a real killer if you’re unlucky. You might find a keyword that has great traffic and the competition is quite weak, but the search results are not actually within the topic or niche you were expecting. By targeting this niche then, you will be getting a lot of traffic from people searching for something else. That results in low quality click-throughs that aren’t going to generate you the income you should be getting. When you find a keyword, just type it into a few different search engines and make sure the results are what you are expecting.

4. Look for affiliate products within your niche

Does your keyword have the opportunity for affiliate products? This can greatly increase the revenue possibilities from your keyword. If you’re choosing between a few different niches then you this might sway you towards one.

5. Include email marketing from the start

You want to have the best chance of re-engaging with the people that come to your website and email marketing is a great way to do that. Don’t wait until your traffic is up before you start creating an email subscription list. It’s also really easy to integrate a signup form on your website. Have a look at Online Business Ideas website for an example signup form.

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