5 Things Marketing Agencies Needs to Succeed

    By Mark Lerner | Small Business

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    What you call ‘love’ was invented by guys like me. To sell Nylons.

    – Don Draper, MadMen

    The fast-living, chic lifestyle depicted in the popular show “Mad Men” is an exaggerated, though not entirely incorrect, portrayal of what the marketing and advertising industry used to be like.

    The days of prevalent misogyny and booze filled office parties are over, but the industry soldiers on and has become a driving force in the success of many companies. The traditional age of marketing gave way to the digital age, and therefore completely revolutionized the job description of marketing agencies, this change brought with it a whole new list of needs and resources required by these agencies

    Another effect of the expanding requirements of marketing agencies, was the proliferation B2C and B2B agencies.

    Here are 5 resources all B2B marketing agencies need to be successful.

    Project Management Tool

    B2B marketing agencies are constantly scaling up their client base, and in doing so are taking on more and more projects. While more clients is always a good thing, it brings with it additional projects to manage.

    In terms of project manager, B2B marketing agencies have a unique set of requirements that many other companies do not. While there are many Project Management Tools, Basecamp tends to be the most suited for B2B marketing agencies. With its robust functionality in the cloud, Basecamp is the perfect tool for large marketing teams within an agency.

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    Marketing Budget Planning

    B2B marketing agencies usually have large budgets that need to be allocated to individual client accounts. More so than other companies, these agencies need to be meticulous about their budgets and make sure the right resources are going towards the right client accounts.

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    There are a few budget planning tools out there, but Allocadia seems to be the most suited to the unique needs of B2B marketing agencies. The real power behind this tool is the ability to get rid of spreadsheets all together, and streamline everything through the cloud. Allocadia lets marketers, CMO’s and other C-suite executives within an agency work together on planning in order to make sure each client account is being allocated the budget needed to provide real value.

    Social Media Platform

    The days when B2B marketers discounted the benefits of social media are over, and B2B marketing agencies need to incorporate a social media strategy as part of their offering. Because a B2B marketing agency must consistently scale their operations in order to survive, they require a social media marketing platform that allows them to grow their client base.

    Given the skepticism that many B2B companies have had about social media in the past, B2B marketing agencies must have a way to provide proof of real business value for their clients social media activities.

    Oktopost, the B2B social media marketing platform, offers a B2B marketing agency plan that is focused specifically on the needs of an agency. Oktopost lets marketing agencies scale their operations and provide proof of social media’s business value to their clients.

    Some of the benefits include:

    • Single login for all clients’ accounts
    • Clients don’t have to give up ownership of their social profiles
    • The ability to generate white label reports of social media activities

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    Media Contact Tool

    An agency is only as good as the coverage it gets its clients. While some B2B marketing agencies don’t do any PR, many do. It is important to get their clients’ story in front of the right journalist, at the right time.

    5 Things Marketing Agencies Needs to Succeed image vocusvocus
    Vocus is a tool that gives marketers and PR professionals the ability to build a powerful database of media contacts and relevant influencers. The Vocus Media Database contains in-depth profiles and contact information for over 1.4 million journalists, bloggers, and influencers – including Twitter handles and LinkedIn profiles.

    CRM Tool

    There are CRM tools that are universally known, such as Salesforce and SugarCRM. However, Base CRM is uniquely suited to meet the needs of a B2B marketing agency.

    The thing about marketing agencies is every client is in actuality an entire company, with their own workforces. With Base’s integrated process, agencies can generate unique contact cards connected to their company, as well as the potential client account they’re related to.

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    Marketing Agencies are evolving, both in strategy and what they offer to their clients. As digital marketing tools become more robust, the capabilities of these agencies will also increase.

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