5 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2013

    By Venkatesh C.R. | Small Business

    With more and more channels of content delivery to the user, social media and internet marketing trends have seen a big shift in usage patterns. The social generation changes every four years as compared to a physical generation that is supposed to roll in a few decades. This startling difference in pace of affairs has changed the shape of social media multiple times ever since its inception.

    In 2013 too, as the case has been over the years, few fresh social media trends have been brought to notice. This has come as an effect of changes in demographics, increased penetration of internet and mobile devices and few other developments in the digital arena. With all the complexities in place, there are certain strong social media trends to watch out for in 2013.

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    Mobile finding increased preference as Social Media Delivery Channel

    A research by Nielsen has shown that though PCs are still the largest content delivering channel of social media, the time spent on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access social media portals and applications has increased more than 60%. Social media trends also indicate that in large number of developing countries, these websites have leapfrogged the PC and are directly being viewed on mobile as apps.

    What such social media trends indicate is that the providers of social platforms need to address this change and move with the time to stay relevant. Their marketers should lend top priority to delivering quality content to mobile even as the 3G and now LTE networks come more into use.

    Social Media Marketing on Focus

    The trend until recently has been that social media marketing has been on the periphery of affairs as far as marketing is concerned. It has mostly been used as a tool to support the campaign marketing by companies. However, the latest social media trends indicated that 2013 will see more and more firms considering social media marketing as a mainstream channel. With direct marketing finding more relevance in connecting with the consumers, campaign marketing is bound to give way to social media.

    Micro-blogging to see accelerated growth

    Twitter for long had been more an enigma than anything else. Recent social media trends show that the huge gap in the volume of Facebook and Twitter users has begun to shrink at a pace more than ever before. With frequency of communication decreasing on social media, people are more prone to tweeting 140-character short messages rather than writing an elaborate piece. This change in social media trends has also been noticed by advertisers and marketers and therefore in 2013 micro-blogging could win more seriousness and affiliation companies resorting to Social Customer care

    A recent research by Nielsen has reported social media as a preferred channel of communication with a company as compared to a phone for one third of the users. More and more companies are therefore expected to come out with social care through Facebook pages and Twitter handles among other social media ways. Users would more often express opinion, lodge complains and seek solutions related to a product or service, all through social media. However, such social media trends also pose a challenge to companies of meeting customers’ expectations with prompt response and solutions. In event of not doing that, companies increasingly face a threat of losing reputation on social media.

    Increased WOM influence on Social Media

    One of the social media trends to watch out in 2013 would be the influence of word-of-mouth (WOM). With more people spending more time on social sites and apps, consumers are more likely to pay heed to what others say about a product or service on social media. Ironically, this would mean more opportunities and more threats at the same time for companies. It is so because a study says that while WOM reaches from 1-6 physically, through social media its 1-600000. 2013 should thus see high involvement in ‘social listening’ as it is called.

    Recommendations more than Ads on Social Media

    Advertisement banners flashing on social media pages are commonplace. While sometimes, a relevant ad may be interesting, most of the times it is irritating to the eye. A research has shown that almost 35% of people have found the ads on social media websites annoying. However, more than 25% of users said that a recommendation from a friend catches their attention. Such social media trends are therefore expected to change advertisers’ approach from ad banners to more promotional posts which users can share if found relevant.

    Social media is a very dynamic space and new trends keep evolving in rather shorter periods of time. These key social media trends to watch out in 2013 is worth taking note of and leveraging in all possible ways till they are hot and trending.

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