5 must-read tech stories in China this week

Missed your regular fix of China tech news this week? Worry not, our roundup is here!

1. Coursera partners with Netease to launch Chinese-language Coursera Zone platform

The MOOC platform takes sets the stage for its first steps in China by partnering with web-portal Netease. Other than translated content and materials, how might the Chinese Coursera be different from its international counterpart?

2. 110 people detained in Xinjiang, China for spreading online rumors

The crackdown on ‘online rumors’ hits Xinjiang’s Uighur population as over 400 residents were detained, for allegedly spreading what the central government refers to as ‘jihadist materials.’

3. Report: Foxconn using forced student labor to build Sony’s PS4Foxconn to PS4 interns: You can terminate your participation at any time

A Foxconn plant was accused of being involved in a questionable “internship” program wherein students from Xi’an Institute of Technology were forced to perform menial tasks without pay for college credit. Foxconn issued a statement in which it did not deny involvement with the program, but “remind[ed] interns of their rights to terminate their participation in the program at any time.”

4. Alibaba leads $206 million investment in US Amazon rival ShopRunner

The Chinese e-commerce giant has injected a huge sum of cash into ShopRunner, a website which, much like Alibaba’s Tmall, hosts online storefronts for well-known brands.

5. Chinese video streamer Youku Tudou smacks Xiaomi with a lawsuit, just in time for Barra’s arrival

Youku Tudou is suing Xiaomi for allegedly providing unlicensed content on its TV set-top box. Xiaomi has replied by saying all content is provided by third-party media company Free TV.

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