5 Most Popular Flexible Job Searches

    By Brie Reynolds | Small Business

    Flexible job options like telecommuting, flexible schedules, and freelancing are popular among job seekers, but which career fields are the most popular for these types of positions? From thousands of job search queries, FlexJobs analyzed the most popular job search keywords used by the job seekers themselves.

    Whether you’re a company trying to add more flexible jobs to your mix, or a job seeker who wants to know if you’ve got stiff competition, these five keyword searches are sure to give you some useful insight. In order, the five most popular flexible job keyword searches conducted over the last year are:

    1. Nurse: Nursing jobs offer a lot of flexible options, including working from home, part-time schedules, and contract work. Hospitals, insurance companies, and medical centers hire RNs, LPNs, NPs, and certified nursing assistants for a variety of flexible roles.

    2. Data Entry: Also called clerks, catalogers, and clerical assistants, data entry jobs often have part-time schedules, flexible hours, and the option to work from home.

    3. Marketing: Entry-level through executive roles are available in the marketing field, and come from industries like agriculture, retail, nonprofits, sales, education, and travel.

    4. Writer: Recent flexible writing jobs span a huge range of subjects, like science, consumer and lifestyle, fashion, and television, and more technical writing like grant proposals and technical manuals.

    5. Java Developer: Software development for websites and applications is in high-demand, both by companies hiring and from job seekers looking for work. Common job titles include web developer, android developer, software engineer, system administrator, and of course, Java developer.

    It’s fairly clear why job seekers want more flexible work options–getting rid of their daily commute, saving money on gas, spending more time with family, and the like. The benefits of work flexibility for companies include lowered real estate and operating costs, increased retention, increased productivity, and as a bonus, more satisfied employees. Companies currently hiring for these positions include HealthNet, PayJunction, AT&T, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Xerox, Kaplan, UnitedHealth Group, and many others.

    Companies looking to attract candidates to your jobs, consider this a cheat-sheet for the most sought-after positions offering flexible schedules, telecommuting, contract work, and part-time options. And if you’re a job seeker, know that you are far from alone when searching for jobs in these areas. If you want to land a flexible job in one of these fields, it’s vitally important to be the best candidate you can be.

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