5 Killer Ways to Increase Online Advertising Performance

    By David Weinstein | Small Business

    Looking for more value out of your online ad campaigns? Here are tips and tricks to increase ppc performance in search and display advertising by combining targeting and keywords and grooming your strategy in cross-channel online advertising. Utilizing a blend of search, display, Facebook and mobile advertising, you can reach your most relevant and interested customers across all the online ad channels they visit, and maximize online advertising to reduce costs with greater reach and response.

    Make relevant ads and landing pages.
    Seems obvious, right? How compelling are your ads? Is your home page an effective landing page? Ads and  landing pages are where you validate your ad offer or service. If you sold socks at Macy’s, you wouldn’t drop someone at the curb in hopes of them finding their way to you. Same premise here. Customers will be distracted having to find what they are looking for and this will effectively kill your conversion rates.

    Use Audience, interest Targeting
    People complain of high keyword costs and targeting cpc. But really, why wouldn’t you pay more for a better customer? Why serve ads and even get clicks form lukewarm customers who don’t intend to purchase your product? Target your audience with pinpoint accuracy: Location, Income, Gender, Interests, hobbies, etc. Utilize effective pay per click management software to measure results. Use ad analytics to measure delivery and Google analytics to analyze traffic and activity on your site.

    Use Competitors/Product Names as Keywords As Well As Negative Keywords
    Use your product and competitors names and phrases in your keyword lists-Not in your search ads.  Eliminate keywords and phrases that you know will not convert. If you’re a Boston restaurant, limit vague words like “food” and “dining.” This will deliver to people looking for supermarkets and food distributors. Stick with long tail keyword phrases like “Boston restaurants.”

    Use Retargeting AND Negative Retargeting
    Retargeting delivers the most highly qualified sales opportunity. Why? Because retargeting delivers ads to people who have already been to your site and left without converting. This means they got 99% of the way and lost interest. What better way to woo them back. Conversely you can elect to omit ad delivery by negatively retargeting people who have left you info or made a sale.

    Use Long Tail Keywords
    Fancy term for multi-word search phrases. When searching, most people type in several words like “Hair Salon, Richmond Va.” Use the most basic and logical phrases people might use to find you as these long tail keyword phrases tend to get more qualified results.

    While all the above techniques provide better results, limiting them to a single online channel can decrease response. Using cross-channel ad placement (search, social media, display, mobile and video) can increase response by up to 23% according to Forrester/IBM research. You’ll increase your reach by simply being multiple channels.

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