5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

By Ryan Farrell | Small Business

It’s time to face facts: Google pretty much IS the internet now. There is not a single tool or touch point on the web that is not somehow at least partially occupied by a Google product. And some of their more popular products have become everyday staples of every internet user.

As they say, time is money; and just like any other quality product that strives to provide a good user experience, google provides hot keys for each one of its tools in its suite that (once properly mastered) can significantly cut down on time wasted formatting, processing or searching.

1. Google Docs Shortcuts:

If you’re not on the Google Docs cloud based bandwagon by now, you’re definitely missing out on what is simply the most effective collaborative free word processor that has ever existed… all three of you. This cheat sheet made by The Marketing Robot includes some of the more handy doc editing short-cuts that one can use in Google Docs.

5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products image Google Docs Short Cut5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

2. Google Search Operators: For Marketers

Google Search is undeniably Google’s greatest gift to the world and the web. However, just like the rest of the suite of tools that Google has created, the search engine has a few tricks up its sleeve to help searchers find just what they are looking for.

This chart on Google Operators for content marketing was intended to be a one stop research tool for marketing and PR professional who want to unlock some of the more basic data mining abilities of the Google search engine.

5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products image Operators Lateral5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

3. Google Operators: For The Rest Of Us

And of course, for those individuals who don’t necessarily use the internet for content marketing or data mining (which I’d venture a guess is the majority of users) Google has got them covered. Handy Google hacks that will get you instant weather reports, movie showings or flight status updates all at your fingertips. They even offer this chart as a mousepad. It doesn’t get much more accessible than that.

5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products image operator mousepad jpg5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

4. Google + Hot Keys:

Since its introduction in June 28, 2011, Google + has played the role of a scrappy up-start in the social media space, which is ironic considering it is an off-shoot of arguably the largest brand the world has ever seen. Nevertheless, Google + has developed a core die-hard following of users who love the integration of the rest of the Google product suite that it provides.

This cheat sheet which was reported in Mashable but can be traced back to a Google user by the name of Simon Lausten shows some of the more basic but essential user hot-keys one can use to expedite the web posting process on Google +.

5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products image google plus cheat sheet25 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

5. Google Gmail Short Cuts:

Of course what list of Google cheat sheets would be complete without a nod to what is arguably Google’s second biggest contribution to web communication; Gmail. Gmail is far and away the most user friendly free web email service on the internet.

I remember I once had an employer who told me (privately of course) that when he received a resume from a person, if it didn’t contain a gmail address as method of contact, then it went straight to the bottom of the pile. Questionable hiring practices aside, it’s still a great email account. and this infographic from VisualEks is the most exhaustive list of Gmail short-cuts I’ve ever seen.

5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products image the minimalistic gmail cheat sheet5 Handy Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products

Like I said before, time is money; and if you can save even a sliver of your time that would be spent sifting through the detritus that is your day-to-day data to do some actual work is a dollar earned, in my book.

I hope you enjoy these documents and bookmark them for future use. Please feel free to tell me if I missed any good “Cheat Sheets” or personal favorite short-cuts that you may have in the comments below.

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