5 Effective Tips For Optimizing An Online Press Release For Search

5 Effective Tips For Optimizing An Online Press Release For Search image Optimized Online Press Release For Search5 Effective Tips For Optimizing An Online Press Release For SearchIn today’s digital world, it’s important to remember that every piece of content you publish online – blog posts, website copy, social media copy, eBooks, guides, tip sheets – has an opportunity to be optimized for search engines.

Often lost in the content shuffle, though, are online press releases.

Online press releases are written to announce an event, the addition of a new capability, the launch of a new product or service, or any other newsworthy item via the Internet. When properly optimized, online press releases can increase your online visibility and attract traffic to your website.

But how exactly do you optimize an online press release for search that accomplishes just that?

5 Effective Tips For Optimizing An Online Press Release For Search

1. Choose The Right Keywords

When writing an online press release, be sure to choose the right keywords. Make sure the keywords you choose are relevant to the topic you’re writing about and that you’ve considered which terms people are most likely to use to find your release.

A good place to start is by doing keyword research. Research your keywords on sites like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Wordtracker. Once you’ve compiled a list, limit the number of keywords you’ll incorporate into your release to 2-3 terms. Be careful also not to choose keywords that have too much competition, as they’ll be more difficult to rank for.

2. Include Keywords In The Headline, Sub Headline & Body

Once you’ve determined the best keywords to use, include them in the headline, sub headline and body of your press release. Your headline is the most important factor to consider when optimizing your press release, so you’ll want to start there.

If you don’t normally incorporate a sub headline into your release, consider adding one, because search engines place more importance on the content at the beginning of your release. The same is true for incorporating keywords into the body of your release. You’ll want to add them in the first two paragraphs without overusing or stuffing your keywords.

3. Add Rich Media To Your Release

Adding rich media (images, video, audio) is another effective way to optimize your press release for search engines. Not only does rich media capture and hold readers’ attention, but it also gets indexed by search engines. Always include a descriptive caption for any media asset you distribute. Don’t forget to also include your company’s logo with your release, because it will likely be the image that comes up when someone directly searches for your company name.

4. Use Anchor Text In Your Links

While it’s important to include links in the first two paragraphs of your press release, it’s equally important to accurately describe what you’re linking to. Search engines use anchor text – the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink – to figure out what the linked page is about and why it’s relevant. When writing the anchor text, incorporate the use of keywords or other descriptive text. Just be sure to not overuse the same link text since variety is key. It’s also important to link to specific pages on your website, rather than only linking to your homepage.

5. Promote Your Release

Another effective way to optimize your online press release for search is to promote it with a blog post. In the post, include a link to the release. This will improve the chances that more people will see your release. You should also share the blog post on all your social media platforms as a way to increase the chance your press release will be seen and/or shared.

While there may be additional tips out there for optimizing an online press release, starting with these 5 tips will help ensure your online press release is found more often in search.

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