4 Top Tips On How To Amplify Your Content Marketing Reach

Are you struggling with your own content marketing? Have you created epic content that does not seem to reach your intended target? Do you wonder how others can amplify their content marketing reach when your content is so much better?

4 Top Tips On How To Amplify Your Content Marketing Reach image Jolly Good Content Content Marketing Reach4 Top Tips On How To Amplify Your Content Marketing Reach

In today’s marketing landscape, we keep on hearing that content is king and quality content can get us somewhere. It could brand our business, get us leads, convert these leads, and bring us sales. However, like any other marketing initiatives, content marketing requires a lot of hard work to get quality content into the open.

We have to remember that we are battling against oceans of voices on the Web. Some of these voices have created large followings and have ready audience that help them share their content. That’s why it is easy to drown. For those who have just started with their content marketing and see reaching your market as a challenge, here are our four top tips:

Use Marketing Tools and Platforms

Who doesn’t want to drive organic traffic to their website? We all want to receive quality traffic.

Many are using different tools and platforms to spread their content to as many people as possible. There are different directories, syndication, aggregator and publishing sites that can provide you with targeted audience and traffic.

The best sites to start with are news aggregator and platforms like Alltop, Original Signal Viral, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Viral Content Buzz links the article back to the website where it originally appeared.

First rule of thumb though is to provide relevant quality content.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media, at this time and age, has become synonymous with relationships. It is not just a channel to share an idea, information, or anything about an individual’s life, it has also become a tool to build and strengthen relationships with clients and customers.

Many businesses are into social media to engage their customers, provide information about their products or services and get leads out of spreading their content. This however requires a lot of activity.

To leverage social social media, you have to be active in posting and sharing relevant content.

In Twitter, for example, when you share content from others, they sometimes pay you back by retweeting your content. A good move in social media is to ask your followers to go to a link to access your content. Sometimes it only takes a simple request to get eyeballs on your content. However, you have to remember to never to spam anyone. Always provide quality links that are useful to others so that they will continue sharing your posts.

Identify High Ranking Sites That Allows Link Exchange

Your content can also get that much needed traction from sites that allow link-exchange. Some sites have blog rolls or websites that they follow. When you go to that site and you see a link from where you have just been, then most likely, there’s a link-exchange between these two sites.

This is awesome if you can get to a high traffic site. This is akin to word-of-mouth recommendations from the site owner and gives your site the much-needed credibility in the eyes of visitors and potential customers.

Look for Sites Where You Can Guest Post

Although guest posting has been getting a lot of attention lately because of a post from Matt Cutts, it is another way of spreading out your content far and wide. The idea with guest posting is to provide a back-link to your website or a piece of another article. However, if that link does not turn out to be natural or it links to a spammy site, then your site will suffer eventually, even get penalised by Google.

On the other hand, if your site only provides high quality and relevant content, what is there to be afraid of? An excellent take on guest blogging is from Jen Lopez of Moz. She said that “guest blogging is not dead by any means. But being a Spammy McSpammer only caring about links, and not caring about real content, community building, branding, and all those other great benefits… is dead.”

Do you know any other ways to amplify your content’s reach? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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