Computer-cut rocking stool can be made anywhere and is constructed in seconds

Flatpack goods are meant to make installing new furniture easy for homeowners, but they can often be more hassle than they’re worth, especially when they’re made of cheap materials. Fabsie is enabling customers to purchase a locally-made flatpack stool from anywhere – or even cut it themselves – and assemble it in seconds.

The London-based startup, founded by James McBennett and Karleung Wai, has launched the stool – titled This Stool Rocks – on Kickstarter, where backers can pay to have one of the pieces cut by a furniture maker local to them with access to CNC machines. Currently, Fabsie has connections with high quality finishers in London, Dublin, New York and San Francisco, but aims to grow its network in cities with enough demand. Digital files are sent to the manufacturers and the stools are made in the customer’s city, where they can collect it or have it delivered to their home. If they have the machinery and materials to make the stool themselves, Fabsie will send the Creative Commons-licenced files at no cost. The Stool is made of three pieces of wood and can be assembled in around seven seconds. The video below explains the philosophy behind the company:

Kickstarter backers can currently order one of the stools for GBP35, or GBP55 for a personalized design. Fabsie has a few other products up its sleeve for the near future and hopes to build a community of designers uploading files onto its store.

Just as the Rev–>Table provides consumers with the digital files to enable them to make their own customizations and repairs, Fabsie more intimately connects designers, makers and consumers. Are there other industries that could benefit from similar technologies?


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