3D-printed glasses are custom tailored to the wearer’s face

    By Tom | Small Business

    While fashion brands such as Warby Parker have been able to cut the price of their glasses frames by designing them in-house, consumers still need to pick from the range of preset designs offered. Recognizing that everyone’s face is unique, Protos Eyewear is a new startup that uses 3D printing to tailor each pair to the individual.

    Having recently reached its target of USD 25,000 on its Crowdhoster site, Protos currently offers 24 different styles of frame that can be altered on the fly to cater for each customer’s needs. The frames are made of material that is light, strong and flexible, offering a quality feel while also being durable. Customers send two photographs of themselves when ordering a pair – one head-on and one side profile – that help the team to tweak each design to fit their face perfectly. Currently the Protos designs are only available in black although the startup hopes to add color options in the near future. The video below explains the idea behind the company:

    Protos is another example of how 3D printing is offering an alternative from mass production that can ensure consumers receive products tailored to them at a reasonable price. The company’s crowdfunding campaign is still live for the next two weeks, offering a basic custom fit frame and prescription lenses for USD 249. Which other products could benefit from the 3D printing phenomenon?

    Website: www.protoseyewear.com
    Contact: team@protoseyewear.com

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