3 Technology Trends that Will Rule the Future- Some Insight for Businesses

    By Tahir Akbar | Small Business

    Innovation is the single most important factor, which contributes to sustainable growth. Be it a national economy or its sub sectors; as long as the system keeps innovating, results would be encouraging. However, the pace, type and area of invention can be different depending on many factors. In the following, I’m discussing 3 hot trends that will rule the future of ICT. The content is based on analysis of existing trends, research, and industry reports.

    1: Mobile:

    Look at few statistics: 92% of US population has a smartphone and 75% of them using one or more social networking website. Global smartphone users are expected to reach 2 billion by 2017. 45% Facebook users access social networks from mobile. Looking on the other side, 62% of e-commerce transactions were made with a mobile device. You can read detailed report of Pew Internet Research here. The reason to quote these statistics is simple; mobile is the future.

    The most interesting element in the case of mobile is its across-the-board application. From our personal lives to social network and business; portability has great implications. Whether you’re a business manager, or some entrepreneur; planning your business’s mobile strategy is very important. It can be mobile advertisement, social media marketing, and e-commerce program; have a dedicated mobile strategy.

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    2: Digital Signage:

    Digital signage industry has grown very fast in 2013. IHS had predicted that by the start of 2014, the industry size would cross $14 billion benchmark. The popularity of digital signage solutions has been driven up by strong realization that it’s a better and more effective way of communicating with customers. From restaurants to corporate facilities, education centres and hospitals; all are installing numerous digital solutions to improve in-house branding, customer service, and advertisement process. Irrespective of industry or sector; interactive solutions, commercial displays, Kiosks, and other digital signage applications will keep making their ways in.

    One of the latest trends in digital signage is ‘personalization’ and cloud services. This allows customers to acquire the solution as per their available budget and business needs. Additionally, with back up of cloud technologies; the content can be controlled or edited from anywhere, using the internet.

    3: Cloud:

    Cloud data storage facilities are enjoying unique popularity. Rumours are that DropBox might file for an IPO, which is an indication of the same. Just like mobile, cloud technology has links with all kind of industries and sectors. Companies are realizing the importance of cloud based applications in the days to come. That’s why Microsoft promoted its cloud wing president, Satya Nadella to the post of CEO.

    What does this mean for business?

    Cloud is inexpensive yet reliable alternative to the old in-house storage facility. Other than storage facility, many cloud based applications/services are also being offered; making it an important element for business administration.

    There are many reasons of its popularity. First because it’s portable technology as you can access the data anywhere, on multiple devices. Secondly, this is low-cost as you are responsible for maintenance and administration. Additionally, this is equally secure and less risky option. Dedicated data centres have the state-of-the-art facilities that secure your data from phishing, corruption, and losses.

    If you have any idea/feedback about the trends I shared, comment below or send me a tweet to further explore the technology world.

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