3 Big Questions About the Fear of Public Speaking

3 Big Questions About the Fear of Public Speaking image nervous 300x2003 Big Questions About the Fear of Public SpeakingNervous, anxious, scared and down right terrified are the overwhelming feelings my clients show up on my doorstep with. They are talented, bright, personable and are great conversationalists one-on-one. However, something significantly changes when they have to get in front of a group a people. That’s why they come to me and always ask these 3 questions.

Am I your most nervous client ever?

Nope. Everyone experiences the anxiety of speaking differently. I have seen some super severe cases. I’ve also seen those people GROW, turn the corner to confidence and cope with their anxiety to give spectacular presentations. You are most likely not my most nervous client ever.

Are other people as scared as I am of speaking in public?

Yes – absolutely! Everyone surely has heard that public speaking is a huge fear among people yet my clients feel utterly alone in there fear. They see other people speak with ease and confidence. They assume that the person is fearless, and really that they are the only ones who suffering from nerves.

If you are nervous and fearful of speaking in public, you are NOT alone! It just not something people talk about it. It something people hide away like the deep dark secret.

Surely, you’ve never gotten nervous, right?

This question is usually asked with a raised eyebrow and a hopefully lilt in their voice. If I’ve gotten nervous, surely they can get through this anxiety.

Yes, I do get nervous. When I started speaking back in high school, I was painfully shy and a super awkward theatre nerd. While I could get up and rock a monologue, when I had to make a real connection to my audience and actually look at them – I was TERRIFIED!

My first speech ever was an unmitigated disaster. Mr. Leonard’s public speaking class in the 10th grade, 25 of my peers and of course the boy that I had the most massive crush on was in the class. I’ve completely blocked out what my speech was about, but I’ll never forget how it felt. Sweating palms, knocking knees (thank god there was a podium to stand behind), and I raced through my speech at a rate that would put any NASCAR driver to shame.

I got a C in my public speaking class, but there was something I loved about being in front of that room. I worked hard, got coaching and spoke a lot (I’m well over those 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell talks about). I still get nervous, but it just means I care.

Bust through your fear

You are not the most nervous speaker, you are not alone in the fear of public speaking, and yes I do get nervous and understand what it’s like to have the debilitating fear. You can learn how to cope and manage your fear so that you can rock your next presentation by scheduling a fear busting session with me today!

photo by: Freddie Peña

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