3 Benefits to Announcing Your Contest Winner with Online Video

You see them in your social network news feeds and inbox every day. Contests and giveaways are a great way to accomplish many of your marketing goals but I see many companies miss a great opportunity by not using online video to announce the winner. If you are interested in improving your contests and giveaways here are 3 benefits to announcing your contest winner with an online video.


Everybody is doing a contest or giveaway online these days and why not, people do love getting stuff for free. One of the few things that people do is draw the winner “live”. With so much contest attrition (another mom blogger contest for museum tickets, I’ll pass) anything you can do to make your contest or company stand out from the pack could mean the difference between a few entries or a few hundred.

Email opens, clicks and tracking

Having trouble getting people to open your emails? Send them a followup to their contest entry with a subject asking them to open to see if they won. Checkout the stats for our email announcing the winner from our latest contest.

3 Benefits to Announcing Your Contest Winner with Online Video image iPad drawing email stats 1024x4773 Benefits to Announcing Your Contest Winner with Online Video

Those stats don’t even seem real in the email marketing world. Sure the open rate is high, people want to know if they won. Normally people just send an email out with the winner announced in the body. While that hurts you from a transparency standpoint (reason #3 below) it also hurts your tracking ability. Instead of putting the winner in the body copy you can use a screen capture of your video.

3 Benefits to Announcing Your Contest Winner with Online Video image iPad drawing email  13 Benefits to Announcing Your Contest Winner with Online Video
Click throughs on these type of images consistently rank higher than other types of calls-to-action. Now that the person has clicked make sure and direct them to the video embedded on your website or a landing page, not the video page on YouTube. Depending on the email or marketing automation system you are using this will allow you to place a cookie that will track them the next time they come to your site. It also gets people to your digital home base instead of interacting with you inside of Gmail or Outlook. I can’t stress this point enough.


Ever enter a contest and wonder who won, how they got selected or if anyone won at all? You aren’t alone. One of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of transparency on contests or giveaways. You might get lucky and have someone put into the rules and regulations exactly how they will pick the winner but a good portion of the time they leave the specifics out. Filming yourself drawing the winner allows you to take the guesswork out of the process. Your entrants will know exactly how the winner was selected, and prove there was no funny business going on. Anytime the contest consists of drawing a name from multiple entrants I use a spreadsheet with the entrants listed by number and pick the number using www.random.org It not only helps show the people that didn’t win you ran the contest on the up and up it shows the same to the winner. On the video below the winner thought he had been chosen due to a business interest. That is until he watched the video and saw he was randomly selected. While sometimes people or customers may appreciate being selected “at random” it can most certainly work against you. Don’t do it.

Example video

Announcing the winner via an online video is a great way to differentiate you or your company, help your email stats and tracking efforts and give you or your company greater transparency in your customers and prospects eyes.

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