The 3 Basic Tools for Quality Web Design

    By Owen Oliver | Small Business

    When you design a website, the goal is to provide a welcoming environment that makes your product look appealing, your blog interesting, or just reflect positively on you in general. Many aspiring young designers are bombarded with advertisements of software that supposedly practically design a webpage for them by giving them templates, a handful of graphics, and some list of a whole bunch of fancy features.

    Young people that use these pricey forms of software for years and later on when asked to design a webpage from scratch they are stuck. In a way it’s like handing someone a cheese pizza, telling them to put some toppings on it, and then telling them they just made a pizza. Young artists should learn to start out with the basics because if they can make something appealing with those, they will make wonders with more sophisticated software later on. Here are what I believe to be the 3 of the simplest tools needed to designing a quality website:

    1.      HTML Editor

    The markup of all of the text and objects on your site can make or break you. A good editor is usually good for working with other related technologies that are not HTML so it very adaptable to what you might already have. Learning to understand HTML early will make you a more efficient designer when starting from scratch. Think of it as the early ABCs of designers, its basic information but you’ll use it a lot. There are plenty of tutorials online or HTML classes offered by design companies if that is a weak point for you.

    2.      PHP

    PHP or hypertext preprocessor is similar to HTML as it is another tool for marking up language on the webpage. Originally it stood for Personal Home Page and to this day is still a widely used software tool for designing webpages. PHP is good for learning the basics of graphical applications with train users to interact with images instead of text. It also happens to be free and compatible with HTML documents so you can just embed PHP commands into an HTML based document without having to deal with any external files or software to process the data.

    3.      JavaScript

    One of the most popular programming tools out there, JavaScript is used mostly for object-based programming. It is most commonly used for designing video games and can definitely something passionate gamers should look into if they hope to design games themselves one day.

    The greatest designers all started out with the simplest technology and learned to hone their skills and imaginations to make quality art. You can as well if you are patient enough to start with the basics.

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