253% ROI? Yes, Facebook Ads is Really This Easy!

    By Zac Johnson | Small Business

    So how many of you are using Facebook right now? Probably all of you… but how many of you are REALLY using Facebook?

    I’m not talking about connecting with friends and viewing pictures of what people are eating and doing on a daily basis. I’m talking about REALLY using Facebook to add value to your life and business. I’m talking about FACEBOOK ADS!

    We already know that there are over a BILLION users on Facebook, but did you also know that you can be advertising directly to each and everyone of them based on their age, gender, location, language and even their personal interests?

    It’s true and it’s much easier and cheaper than you might think.

    Anyone with a Facebook account can start advertising through their system. All it takes it a credit card and some time to learn how the system works.

    Fortunately I’ve had a lot of success with Facebook Ads and have laid out the campaign creation process for you.

    253% ROI? Yes, Facebook Ads is Really This Easy! image Creating Your First Facebook Ads Campaign253% ROI? Yes, Facebook Ads is Really This Easy!

    Setting up your first campaign is always exciting and I’m sure some of you have already done this. To make the process even more sweet I wanted to give you a live working ad campaign that I have been playing around with and making some good money. 253% ROI to be exact.

    253% ROI? Yes, Facebook Ads is Really This Easy! image Facebook Ads Case Study253% ROI? Yes, Facebook Ads is Really This Easy!

    You can check out the full case study on my blog.

    So what does it take to create a winning Facebook ad campaign? A few things… I will summarize it up for you below.

    • Find an good affiliate offer or web site you can promote
    • Be sure to pick an offer that has a target audience
    • Build your ad campaign on Facebook and make it as targeted as possible
    • Create multiple ad copies with different text and images for split testing
    • Start with a low budget and weed out the best ad copies

    It would be pretty tough to lay out a more detailed yet simple business model for you to start making money with Facebook Ads. Their social network is only going to continue to grow in size and so is the potential for you to make money.

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