The A-2-Z of Business Blog Writing: D is for Danger Zones

The A 2 Z of Business Blog Writing: D is for Danger Zones image HTWB danger 300x225The A-2-Z of business blogging from HowToWriteBetter.netCan there really be danger zones within business blog writing? Oh, yes. Here are the main ones you need to watch out for, whatever business you’re in.

Business Blog Writing Danger Zone Number 1: using a blog post as a sales pitch. Tempting though it might be to use a blog post to sell your latest product or service, trust me – in the blogosphere which is a significant area of the Social Media universe, overt selling in a blog post is regarded as cheating and worse. Use your blog and its posts to build a rapport with your customers, rather as you might over a social lunch or drink or coffee after work. Leave the sales stuff for other media.

Business Blog Writing Danger Zone Number 2: poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax. Those are things you need to get just about right. Not just because people will think you’re a dimwit if you get them wrong, although there’s a good chance they will. More importantly, it’s because if you can’t write coherently people may not understand what you’re talking about and eventually may not understand what your business is about, what you can do for them, and how they can get you helping them.

Business Blog Writing Danger Zone Number 3: allowing your content to drift off into areas of no interest to your readers / customers. Especially if you’re short of ideas on what to write about for your blog, this is easy to do – but will lose you readers … and possibly customers or potential customers, too. Also beware people offering to write guest posts for your blog when they’re trying to sell something within the blog post’s text – best to avoid them if you’re a beginner.

Business Blog Writing Danger Zone Number 4: being too self-focused. Much as you may feel your own experiences and opinions are interesting and valid – and I’m certain that they are – never forget that readers tend always to ask themselves that old “what’s in it for me” question. Try if you can to turn your stories and information into text that involves readers – invites them into your words – so they become, and remain, involved to the end of your blog post.

Business Blog Writing Danger Zone Number 5: knocking your competitors. There’s an old saying that “what goes around, comes around” and being rude about your competitors – even if you feel they deserve it – doesn’t gain you any brownie points with your readers and customers. By all means draw comparisons between what you offer and what they offer, but if you want to post directly about your competitors’ offerings, you would do better to draw upon external reviews, or get an unbiased guest poster to do it.

Business Blog Writing Danger Zone Number 6: not asking people to do something at the end of the post, i.e. a “call to action” sometimes affectionately abbreviated to “CTA.” In my case all I do is ask people to call by my Bookshop on their way through (see below), but if you have a particular offer or other promotion you are running, be sure to use this opportunity.

OK – that’s my list for now. But what danger zones have you come across? What can you share with other relatively new bloggers as danger zones to avoid? Please let us know here!

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