15 Notable Stats on Mobile Moms

Just about every day, I read a healthy number of headlines that feature new data on moms: their use of social media, smartphones, tablets, apps, email. The list goes on. I always bookmark the relevant articles so I can reference them later for blog posts or white papers, but it’s time consuming to sift through all of them. However, I set aside some time and did the leg work to identify the 15 most notable stats on mobile moms. Take a look at what I found:

1. Moms are 18 percent more likely than the general public to have a smartphone. (BabyCenter)

2. Moms spend about 7.2 hours daily consuming media, with one quarter of that time spent on a mobile device. (InMobi)

3. Moms spend over 6 hours daily on their smartphones. (TechCrunch)

4. 89% of smartphone owning moms reported that the device is almost always within arm’s length. (Edison Research)

5. 40% of moms weekly time on mobile is on the weekend. (Marketing Charts)

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6. Games & entertainment apps are the most used type of app that moms use. (xAd)

7. In 2012, consumers spent 35% more time using mobile apps, while time spent on the web declined 2.4%. (Flurry)

8. 26% of consumers’ time spent on mobile apps is on social media apps. (eMarketer)

9. Moms are 4 times more likely to prefer checking social media on their smartphone. (BabyCenter)

10. 72% of moms access Facebook from their phone and 37% access from their tablet. (Edison Research)

11. Moms are 15% more likely than the average Facebook bear to access Facebook via the phone. (Edison Research)

12. 65% of moms shop via mobile device. (InMobi)

13. 93% of moms shopped significantly more on their smartphones and tablets in 2012 than they did in 2011. (Tech Journal)

14. 46% of moms want to receive info on their mobile device while in the store. (TechCrunch)

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15. Just over half of moms who own a smartphone or tablet use the device to shop on daily or weekly basis. (Media Post)

You’ll find a few of these stats in our white paper on moms and tablets. For more data on how moms use their tablets and how to build the best tablet and app strategy for your brand, download the free white paper.

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