14 Styles to Flaunt Your Pashmina Infographic

    By Tim Scott | Small Business

    Pashmina from its primitive times is known for its soft touch, wonderful appeal and classic touch. In the present modern scenario, Pashmina shawls have gained huge popularity among the young girls, college goers and working women. So, for all the fashion conscious women across the globe, here are the top 14 ways to flaunt your Pashmina shawl:

    • Half-bow Style: This style can be used by taking one side of the shawl and making a loop of it, the longer portion being in the front, and you can flaunt your Pashmina in the half-bow style.
    • Bow Style: In this style, you just need to wrap the shawl around your neck with both ends open and making a loop of both giving them a tie look.
    • Braided Pashmina: Simply double the shawl and make a loop with one end of the shawl rotating the loop.
    • Rosette Belt Style: This is one of the eye-catching styles where you wrap your pashmina shawl around your waist and twist it until it begins to curl.
    • Layered Knot Style: This style includes wrapping your Pashmina around your neck with its ends hanging in the back. In this style, a section of the shawl is loosened and the dangling ends are tied together.
    • Simple Slip Knot Style: In this style, you can simply double fold your shawls and wrap it around your neck slipping both ends of the Pashmina into the loop.
    • Knotted Loop Style: This style is very easy. Take both ends of your Pashmina shawl and tie them together by opening the loop. Flaunt your neck in an appealing way.
    • Muffler Scarf Style: In this style, you need to take one end of your shawl and make a knot of it and leave the corner to give a triangle look. This looks trendy with modern outfits.
    • Knot Row Style: In this style, the thinner Pashmina shawl is wrapped around the back of the neck and multiple ties are made.
    • Slip Knot Ascot: Tying it in the way you do, tuck it around the loop.
    • This style is smart and enhances your look, whatever you wear.
    • Simple Double Knot Style: As the style name suggests, this style is created by taking each end of the shawl and tying it.
    • Neck Rosette Style: A skinny Pashmina shawl would do wonders in this style. Just twist the shawl until it curls and wear it with any outfit but matching accessory.
    • Fake Knot Style: This style is created by typing a loop by one of the shawl and slipping other end into the loop by tying it.
    • Double Loop Wrap: The unique style is created by making loops at the end of the scarf, backing to the front and then simply tying the two ends with a tie to give a double layer look.

    All the above styles are unique and accentuate your beauty. You can search the World Wide Web to grab the latest styles of Pashmina shawls and flaunt your style in the most unique way. Look different!


    14 Styles to Flaunt Your Pashmina Infographic image 14 Styles to Flaunt your Pashmina Infographic by Yours Elegantly14 Styles to Flaunt Your Pashmina Infographic

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