13 Futuristic Startups You Should Know About

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    WHILL – Japan

    WHILL is giving wheelchairs a whole new look.

    ReWalk - Israel

    How about an alternative to wheelchairs? ReWalk is designed to help paraplegics and those with spinal cord injuries walk upright again. It was named as one of TIME Magazine’s world changing inventions thanks to their advances in robotic exoskeleton capabilities.

    Modern Meadow – United States

    By applying the latest advances in tissue engineering, this startup grows leather and food in its lab using biofabrication, which takes small biopsies from animals leaving them unharmed. Their products require no animal slaughter and much lower inputs of land, water, energy, and chemicals.

    KinTrans – UAE

    It is estimated that 80% of the population does not know sign language making it extremely difficult for deaf people to communicate. The KintTans software works in conjunction with Kinect motion, translating sign language into audible words.

    Tyto - Israel

    Tyto has created a handheld device enabling anyone, anywhere to perform an accurate physical examination for remote diagnosis.

    Thalmic Lab’s Myo Armband - Canada

    Using their trademark EMG sensors, the Myo armband measures the electrical activity from your muscles to detect what gesture your hand is making.

    Planet OS – Estonia

    Planet OS provides a proprietary cloud platform that helps streamline ocean data workflows and make sense of large-scale disparate ocean data. They help customers make better business decisions faster by dramatically reducing data handling time and mitigate environmental risk in offshore and maritime businesses.

    KeyMe – United States

    “Store your key now, thank yourself later”, that`s KeyMe`s tag line and it couldn`t be more true. Their incredibly smart service lets users share and duplicate their physical keys based on a digital scan that they stored in the cloud.

    ZUta Labs – Israel

    ZUta Labs is the home of the world`s first mini pocket printer which can you print from your phone on any size paper.

    Volumental – Sweden

    Volumental is home to the world’s first cloud-based 3D scanner. Their platform enables everyone to create an accurate 3D body model to customize products and services, bringing your body online. They recently launched a collaboration with Intel and PLAE creating a unique and intuitive shopping experience showing the potential of enabled 3D enabled cameras in mobile devices.

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    Intelliquit – United States

    Intelliquit is the world’s first personal pocket mobile health device that informs smokers of their biochemical tobacco consumption through carbon monoxide analysis to support positive behavior choices. After blowing into the device a few times a day, it will tell you via bluetooth on your smartphone how bad of a smoker you are. It tells you how much better you are getting as you back off smoking and can show the progress of the reduced carcinogens you are taking in.

    Consumer Physics SCiO - Israel

    The SCiO device is a tiny molecular sensor which syncs with any smartphone to instantly scan and provides immediate information about any physical object. It can identify food, plants, chemicals, medicine and more. With every scan SCiO learns more about the world around us, so we can all get smarter.

    DAQRI – United States

    DAQRI is the world’s leading augmented reality developer, providing custom software and creative solutions to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. This amazing technology turns static images viewed through a smartphone or tablet camera into interactive experiences.

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